Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Things | Accessories

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Today we are talking all about accessories!
Now I must admit, for many, many years I did not like any sort of accessory (other than sunglasses).
I might start out the day with rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. and within an hour I would remove it all.
I just have never been able to function well with it on.
I blame it on my cheerleading and softball background.
Since I was about 6 years old I wasn't allowed to wear any of those things to practice or games for either sport.
Nail polish included!
So now that I am older and finally allowed able to wear those things I have a hard time with them.

But with all that said, over the last year or so I have embraced a few items here and there and really enjoy wearing them.
And boy oh boy do they add something to a rather dull outfit!

Here are five of my favorite accessories.

I am not one to spend money on bags/purses/totes because I change them so often.
I am honestly one of those people that changes my purse daily to match what I am wearing.
Anyways, there is one bag I have had for a good 8 years now and I still love it as much as when I first got it.
My large satchel from Harvey's is wonderful!
I still get compliments on it all these years later.
I first saw this brand during our honeymoon in Savannah and knew I had to have one!
Mic ordered this one as a gift for me and it has been one of the best investments!
Fits my style perfectly! And nobody else seems to know they exist!

4. Bracelets

From my "Happy" bracelet to my leather cuffs I can't get enough of bracelets.
I blame Andrea and her arm parties ;) Just kidding!
While working at a desk all day they sometimes drive me crazy knocking on my desk/computer, but they do add just a little something to my outfit to make it stand out.

3. Shoes
I am so not a typical girl, because I don't enjoy shoe shopping, or shopping in general really.
I do love fun shoes, but I am cheap!
I really, really have to have a reason to invest in an expensive pair of shoes.
Since I live in Ohio, that means boots for me.
But I also buy a lot of cheap shoes too, because I love to have options.
Black Cowboy boots found in a shop in Nashville.
Tall cognac boots - JCP, no longer available
Brown cowboy boots found in shop in Nashville.

2. Hats
I would honestly wear a hat every single day of the week if I could!
I love them!
I will rock a fedora, wide brim, stocking hat, etc.

But my favorite hats are baseball style hats!
All hats found at Target over the years, except the AC/DC hat.

1. Scarves
I would have named hats #1, but I can't wear them every day like I can scarves.
I started off with just a few plain winter scarves, and now I have scarves for all seasons! lol!
I can't get enough of them!
I can't say that I like infinity more than the long ones and vice versa.
They are all great!
I know there are a lot of people who say they aren't scarf people.
I say just keep trying!
Eventually you will find the right style, fabric, colors, etc. and you won't want to take them off!
You will plan outfits and such around getting to wear your scarves!
I know I do! lol!
I won this handmade navy scarf from the Hill Collection last Fall.
 Coral scarf from Target a couple years ago.
 I was given this orange and brown fleece scarf as a gift.
 The Lobster and Sailboat (below) scarves were purchased from the Hippie Chick Boutique last year.

Love this leopard ombre' infinity scarf from Nordsrom!
 I was gifted this colorful scarf in our blogger scarf exchange from Deena.
 She also sent me this handmade camo scarf in the Fall, just because it reminded her of me :)
Picked up this fringe scarf from Nordstrom a couple years ago, but it is no longer available :(
 Bonus: My favorite style of sunglasses - Aviators (TJ Maxx) - paired with a hat and scarf (both Target)!
Add a Starbucks red cup and you have just about all my favorites in one photo!

What are your favorite accessories?
Where do you shop for your accessories?
Are you cheap like me or do you invest in long term pieces?


  1. You look so cute in a hat!! I wish I could rock a fedora but just feel I can never pull it off! :)

  2. So much cuteness here!! I especially love your leather bracelets! So fun! :)
    Have a wonderful week! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  3. my sister is obsessed w those seatbelt bags!!!she has a bunch of them!!! I try so hard to wear bracelets but my wrists are so small i always get annoyed they move around so much!

  4. Love all of your accessories! I love bracelets too, but the whole work at a desk thing, they drive me crazy, so I never wear them...I love all of your scarves too!

  5. You have the best accessory collection, I love it all! And I've never heard of a seatbelt bag, very cool!

  6. Ive never known someone who could rock a hat as good as you!