Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2nd | Special Memories

Today - April 2nd - holds a special place in my heart :)

April 2, 2005
I went to work at the bank for my scheduled Saturday morning shift.
When I left the house it was cool, but totally normal for a Spring Ohio day.
By 1pm however, my car was covered in snow!
Lots and lots of snow!
My drive home took me 45 minutes instead of the normal 5 minutes.
I can remember it like it was yesterday.
Funny since that was 10 years ago today.
Why do I remember that day and the weather so well?
Because on that very day I answered the most important question I have ever been asked...

It truly feels like yesterday and ages ago all at the same time!

April 2, 2011
I decided to take a pregnancy test that morning just for the heck of it.
I knew that it was super early and most likely I would get a negative, but something in me just said do it!
I did it....and the word PREGNANT appeared within seconds! Not minutes people!
I couldn't believe me eyes!
I casually walked into our bedroom and gave Mic the news.
Of course another test was required to make sure that first one wasn't broken or something.
Sure enough the word PREGNANT appeared again :)

It is crazy that two of the most important moments in my life fell on the same exact date.
April 2nd will always hold a special place in my heart.

And as I was discussing this post with Mic, we pretty much determined that we possibly met for the very first time on April 2, 2001!
How nuts is that?

Check out all the other dates Mic and I have had in common over the years here.
Do you have any dates that coincide with other big events?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. I hope this years April 2nd brings you something big too! we don't have a specific date in our family, we have a few.

  2. Happy April 2 to you and Mic! It's so cool that those two big events happened on the same day!

  3. Happy Special Day to you!!! I think it's so cool when things like that happen! I have a handful of married friends who both husband and wife share the same birthday. My brother and sister even share the same birthday - two years apart! I hope today adds something special that you can add too! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Maybe you'll be preggo again today!!! :)

  5. Definitely a good date for you!!

  6. That is seriously crazy and cool!!! :)

  7. Those are great memories for today! Happy April 2!

  8. Seriously, those suckers announce the good news instantly, what a fabulous date for you guys!

  9. WOW! How neat?!?! Happy engagement-anniversary! ;) such a cool date for your family!

  10. Thanks for co-hosting the link up! Those are two really amazing things to happen!

  11. What a sweet post!! Love it!! Can't wait to hear if anything exciting happens today!!

  12. What a wonderful memorable day! I love your proposal story--like I LOL every time I read it!

  13. What a special day!! So sweet! ;)


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