Friday, April 24, 2015

French Fries

Backing up to last Thursday to review some of my favorite moments from the week.

I came home on Thursday evening to this at my doorstep...
That is a whole lot cuteness on one hanger!
I can't wait to see X in it for my brother's wedding!
He quickly tried it on for me and said "I is cute mommy!' before immediately taking it back off :)
And if you are wondering, I picked this bad boy up on Amazon.
So much cheaper than renting one from the tux shop!

Over the last few weeks we I decided that we would join the rest of the world and have pizza on Fridays ;)
We took a drive to our favorite Pizza Hut in Loudonville for dinner.
They had waffle fries on the menu as an appetizer so I couldn't resist ordering them.
This guy FINALLY tried french fries at almost 3 1/2 years old and liked them!
I can't believe of all places it was at Pizza Hut, but either way I will take it!
 We also enjoyed pretzel crust pizza and a warm chocolate chip cookie pizza.

So if you didn't pick up on my very subtle announcement last Friday, we are moving to the woods/country!
My in-laws are downsizing and we decided to move to their home.
I am excited, nervous, scared, and so many other emotions right now!
But before anyone moves anywhere, my in-laws new place needs a few updates.

So Saturday morning the three of us hopped in the car with my MIL and headed to the store to pick out carpeting and such.
Thankfully the place had toys to keep this guy occupied while we were there.

The rest of the day Mic and I tried to get a few things done at our house since we need to get it listed soon.
Anyone want to buy our house?
Nothing was going right for us, so we stopped and went to visit some friends and their new baby for the evening :)

On Sunday, Mic decided that he and X were going to join me grocery shopping.
While it wasn't too bad, I hope they don't get used to it! lol!
Maybe, just maybe X can go with me again since he didn't seem fond of the cars that are attached to the carts.
The weather hadn't made its turn quite yet, so we enjoyed a little bit of time outside on the back deck Sunday afternoon.
Of course I had to fill my mason jar with some sweet tea :)

X really wanted cupcakes, so we picked up a couple while grocery shopping that morning.
Of course he wanted the dark blue frosting that stains your face and hands!
Oh well! He loved it and I guess that is all that truly matters right?!

On Tuesday X and I had some time to kill before his tumbling class started, so we sat on a bench and "bumped" noses. lol!
Apparently my dad taught him this and X just loves it!
We have to do it every day now :)

It was super cold, but the only night it wasn't supposed to rain so Mic felt the need to mow the grass.
Meaning, X had to be outside helping him.
Meaning, I had to be outside watching him.
So I grabbed one of my big travel mugs and enjoyed some hot chocolate while they mowed together :)
At the moment X still stops for me to take his picture, but I have a feeling that won't last too much longer :(

Do you ever get in those moods where you are starving, but nothing sounds good.
Not even going out for dinner sounds appealing.
Maybe it was the fact that it actually snowed here on Wednesday, but I just didn't want anything.
But feeling as though my stomach was going to tear through my skin I decided on a grilled cheese.
Can you believe this was honestly my first time making one?

Thursday night Mic had his golf league meeting so that meant X and I were alone for the night.
I decided to surprise him and make it a Mommy/Son date night :) 
I had received an email from Olive Garden that Thursday was take your child to work day and they included a coupon for a free kid's meal.
While I knew I couldn't bring X to work with me, I still thought it might be fun to enjoy something different together.
Just him and I :)
Wish me luck! At the time of writing this I am praying that he will go along with this idea and be good for me!
We shall see if I change my mind by the end of the work day or with how he is behaving after daycare/school.

So we did not go to Olive Garden, but we still enjoyed a mommy and X date night at McDonald's :)
It was perfect!

He told me he loved date night and agreed to go out again ;)

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Happy Friday Friends!


  1. yeaaaaa, living in nature will provide you with an awesome backdrop for your ootd posts! Is that the house you're moving to? I LOVE all the trees! Is this in the same area/city as you are now?

  2. Date nights with your little guy - those are the best! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. That tux is adorable! How exciting that you're moving. We've moved several times and while the process is not fun, I'm sure it will be worth it once you're in your new house!! :) You've never made a grilled cheese?! What? ;) I love mine dipped in tomato soup. Yum. Date nights with the kiddos are always fun! Have a great weekend!

  4. How exciting!! Can't wait to see pictures of the place!! Living in the county can be a great thing :) U will love it

  5. I cannot believe you had never made grilled cheese before!! It's all rainy and nasty here today and that sounds so perfect. So excited bout your's going to be great. That is a beautiful location!

  6. Oh my goodness nothing is cuter than a little man in a tux! So sweet! Looks like a busy week but so so fun. Olive Garden breadsticks are so good. I can't control myself!! Lol

  7. that property looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see all the updates you do!

  8. We moved out to the country 9 years ago, you will LOVE it! So peaceful...Love your date night!

  9. OK, so everything about your week looked pretty perfect!!! And I am loving the property and house---even though I don't think I could ever make it without another house sitting on top of me---isn't that crazy! X's tux is OMG...too cute! Happy Friday!

  10. I love drinking my sweet tea in a mason jar...I have no idea why but it makes it so much better!
    I can't wait to see X all dressed up for the wedding! He is gonna totally rock it!
    Maybe we should start having pizza on Fridays!!

  11. Glad you enjoyed a fun mommy/son date night!! I love special one on one time like that with me girls! Sometimes the simplest things become the sweetest memories! :)

  12. I am way behind on blogs so sorry this is late!

    So exciting you're moving to the country! I am still hoping to do that in the next few years!

    I love dates with Breanna it's such a great one on one time with no distractions!!!!


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