Monday, April 13, 2015

Family Filled Weekend

X said he had fun, fun, fun this weekend and I couldn't agree more!
Of course I then starting singing the Beach Boys song..."til her daddy takes her t-bird away".

This weekend was definitely filled with family, friends, and love.
It was pretty close to perfect if you ask me :)

Friday night X wanted to hit a few golf balls before heading dinner at one of my favorite pizza places.

Saturday morning we were excited to hit the road.
We were heading north to a wedding and to drop X off with my dad and step mom for the day.
That is all he talked about for 3 or 4 days is when he was going to see Pa!
Of course he asked from the moment we left the driveway of our house, until we arrived almost 2 hours later if we were there yet :/
Sunshine & Cleveland bound = perfect morning :)

Mic and I enjoyed the beautiful wedding of a friend at St. James Catholic Church in Lakewood.

 We attended another wedding here before, but I still can't get over seeing this place.
iPhone photos just don't do this place justice. It is truly gorgeous!
Again, iPhone camera fail :( Getting a photo of the happy couple or the ring bearers coming back down the aisle was pretty close to impossible. 

Since we had about an hour to kill until the cocktail hour began we decided to hit up a new spot to us.
The Urban Farmer was just a block away from Cleveland City Hall so it was perfect to sit at the bar and enjoy a drink.
Mic had a drink called Murray Hill - named after one of the main roads in Little Italy (Cleveland).
And yes, that is prosciutto garnishing his glass.
 My drink was called Wake me up.
It started with a chocolate espresso ice cube!
How awesome does that look?
The drink changed flavor as the ice cube melted.
It reminded me a bit of a White Russian, but with more coffee flavor.
Really good!
 The reception was held at the Cleveland City Hall building.
 The decor was simple, yet elegant. I loved the baby's breath on all the tables.

 In lieu of cake (they just cut that for show), they had delicious cake/truffles for dessert.
Snickerdoodle, funfetti covered in milk chocolate, and Oreo covered in white chocolate.
 Cocktail hour took place on the 2nd floor mezzanine, so I had to grab a shot from up above.
 The happy couple making their way into the reception :)
 Look at that steak! It was huge!
The food was excellent!
 Mic and his buddy Jeff from high school.
It was his little sister that got married :)

Meanwhile, X was living it up with my dad and step mom.
 Annual photo by the Easter basket at Lakeview Park :)
 Thank you dad for keeping it going for me!

 And then it was back to my dad's house to have dinner and play with the race cars.
I think both of them were in heaven!

We stayed at my dad's house Saturday night, so X was super excited when he woke up Sunday morning and we were there :)
We then met my mom and step dad for lunch at one of my favorite spots in Amherst called Blue Sky.
I am always able to get Lake Erie Perch there :)
And you can't leave without getting a piece of cake, pie, etc.
They are always so good!
 X was super excited to get his own piece of orange cheesecake!
Look at the size of that thing compared to him!!!

 He only ate the top layer off, so we packed up the rest to go home with us.
Because I love the desserts they offer, and because we all got something different I had to take a pic of them all!
Left: German chocolate cake, Orange creamsicle cheesecake 
Right: Key lime cheesecake, Apple strudel cheesecake, Double chocolate cake

We truly had a great weekend visiting and celebrating with friends and family!

How was your weekend?
Did you get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather?


  1. Before I even read that second line I was seeing the Beach Boys song ;) Great minds.... That wedding looked absolutely beautiful! I'm in love with the brides dress. AND all the cheesecake pictures.

  2. I want to see what you wore for the wedding!!

  3. Yay for family visits, mom and dad in the same weekend, awesome! That wedding looked so perfect!

  4. busy weekend!! beautiful wedding - yes, agree with Deena, was looking for an outfit pic too!

  5. What a gorgeous reception!!
    X looks so cute with the giant Easter basket!
    Those desserts look amazing :)


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