Friday, April 10, 2015

Oh Happy Day!

Friday, oh how I love you!
This week has been brutal!
Working/owning a financial planning practice is great most of the time.
But end of the year and tax time can be truly exhausting.
Like I said the other day, once the 15th has come and gone I should be back to my normal self :)

But that doesn't mean I could skip a Friday Favorites :)
Linking up as always with the following ladies


Growing up I was never one for pie of any kind other than pumpkin.
Over the last few years I have given a few pie flavors another shot.
Banana Cream Pie has become one of my absolute favorite desserts!
We had a couple pieces leftover from Easter dinner and this hit the spot on Monday evening after an extremely busy work day! #yum

Tuesday night my favorite little guy had tumbling class :)
Can you guess which one is mine? lol!
 When it was time to run he did exactly what his shirt said...Run Fast!
Definitely one of X's favorite things to do!
 X would be that blur coming at you.

And I had to include this photo of the little girl next to X.
Look her hair curly q hair!!! So stinkin' cute!
And she is wearing of one of my favorite items....a military jacket!
She knows what's up in fashion and she is only 3!

Mic hung with X after dinner so I do one of my favorite things....workout!
I decided to change things up and try the OnDemand Fitness channel.
45 minutes of Power Fusion was just what the doctor ordered!
Now I need to figure out how to do that workout every night!
And in case you are wondering, it was a mix of yoga, pilates, and a bit of dance.

Wednesday evening I had a few errands to run, which meant heading to my favorite store....Target...alone! :)
I posted this photo to Instagram to show that you can get through Target without buying a bunch of things you don't need.
I ended up leaving with the 2 things I went in litter and food.

My plan for dinner was to make one of my favorite grilled dinners, but mother nature had other ideas.
Since it was raining, we opted for making our homemade pizzas inside.
And yes, I added my favorite topping--mushrooms :)

An appointment got cancelled at work on Thursday, so Mic and I took advantage and went out to lunch to one of our favorite burger joints :)
We enjoyed some yummy pretzel sticks, another favorite of mine!
 And they serve the burgers, fries, and pickle on these wooden boards.
I think I need to find some of these for in the summer!
How awesome would that be to have your dinner outside on one of those?!
I might be the only one who thinks that way, but that is OK. I love them!

Since I write these posts on Thursday afternoons, I never know what I will be getting into Thursday evening.
Right now all I have plans for is to get some laundry done
--- I have the Spring Style Challenge starting on Monday ---
do dishes, and get things ready for the weekend.
We are attending a wedding on Saturday in Cleveland and I can't wait!
I love going back home. Especially with my two guys :)

** Sorry if you are now starving after looking through my photos (Deena) ;) **

Happy Friday Friends!
Hope you have a great day and enjoy the weekend! :)


  1. Yes, your photos do make me a little hungry! Stopping by from the linkup and I have to say I was probably drawn to your picture of the Target buggy. Getting out of there with exactly what you needed can be done - but it isn't easy. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love the idea of serving on a wooden board.....that looks so yummy!

  3. I don't know how you eat all that food and stay so thin!!!!

  4. That pickle looks so good, I love pickles. Have a great weekedn!

  5. Target alone is a dream come true!! I love walking through with a coffee in my hand! Yes, I am totally day dreaming right now! :)

  6. there should be a warning for pregnant ladies on this post... I'm desperately wanting banana cream pie, french fries AND a pickle right now!

  7. All those yummy food pictures did make me a little hungry! ;) Have a great time at the wedding!

  8. Don't you love unexpected lunch dates?! They are definitely favorites of mine!