Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pick A Winner

Today is the start of a big weekend in my house.
Can you guess what starts today?
Other than Erin, probably not.

Today is the first day of the 2015 NFL Draft!
Mic and I went to see Draft Day last year which takes place in Cleveland :)

Every year it is a huge weekend in our home!
I mean like, we wear our jerseys, eat football food, and yell at the TV just like a regular football game for 3 days!

And on top of what is sure to be an awesome weekend, the Kentucky Derby is this weekend as well!
This sports fan can't contain her excitement!

Will you be tuning into the NFL Draft or Kentucky Derby this weekend?
What team do you follow?
Do you pick horses for the race?
If so, who are you going with?

And now the rules of the link up!
Link back to X-tremely V and Penny's Passion in your post.
Write about anything and everything :)
And make sure to link your Thursday post below!



  1. I LOVE Draft Day too! When I was in college (and for a few years after even!), I dreamed of working for the NFL so that I could be behind the scenes on draft day! :)

  2. Thanks for hosting! We have the draft going on all weekend long with the Derby and the NBA playoffs. Plus we will be at the Regional High School Track Meet this weekend so we will have our far share of sports going on at our house :)

  3. Don't shame me- I haven't seen that movie yet!! And I feel like a bad Cleveland fan.

    Fingers crossed for a good draft tonight!!!

  4. I want to see that movie, and yes we watch the draft at our house, but it's mostly in the background and Mr. waiting for the Bears to come on...

  5. Heck yes it's draft day!!! I'm so anxious to see who goes first! I actually watched the combine pretty closely and have my hopes set kinda high for my Bengals this year!


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