Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Donuts for the win!

This weekend Mic and I worked a lot at my in-laws new house removing wallpaper and such, so I don't have too many photos to share today.

We did enjoy a nice Friday evening outside with some Mexican food, adult beverages and a fire!
You better believe when I make a drink I go all out!
So happy to enjoy a fire in our rusty old bowl :)
 X and Mic bumping noses :)

Saturday morning we stopped at Apple Hill to pick up some warm and oh so fresh apple donuts.
X loves them as much as I do!
He had 2!

Sunday morning X wanted another donut and since we were heading out to do more work we happily obliged :) 
This time it was just a star donut from Kroger while mommy and daddy enjoyed some Starbucks.

That is it my friends!
How was your weekend?
Did you enjoy any donuts?


  1. Yes actually we did!! We have a bakery in our town that is about 100 years old and almost every Saturday morning we get donuts from there!! YUM! YUM! Nothing better than a good donut!

  2. We actually did enjoy some donuts! The #1 reason Baby Fox doesn't complain when we go to church, he gets a donut afterwards :)

  3. Ive yet to get any donuts but I swear I keep seeing people posting them on IG and Im seriously craving one (or a dozen) now!

  4. We have a rusty old bowl in our backyard for fires too ;) I can't wait to get using it this spring and summer!


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