Friday, April 3, 2015

It's (Good) Friday!

Let's cut right to the chase.
It is Friday and I am linking up with some of my favorite gals to bring you my favorite moments of the week.


This weekend had one thing in common with last weekend....I painted.
However, instead of painting a pretty picture on canvas, we painted paper plates and bathroom walls.
Exciting stuff I tell ya.

Friday night X wanted to paint, so while I made dinner Mic and him started their creations at the dining room table.
Of course once X didn't want to paint anymore it was time to mix all the colors together.

It is always a favorite when we are doing something besides playing cars!

We went with super simple for dinner...taco boats!
Easy dinners are a favorite in my book!

My mom was going through some pictures and sent me a text with this photo attached.
While pink isn't a favorite now, dressing up for Easter was definitely a favorite of mine.
For comparison purposes, both the photo of me on the left and X on the right are at 16 months old :)
Another favorite is visiting the Easter basket in Lorain.
Fingers crossed the weather is nice next weekend to get X's picture with the basket again.
So far we have taken him every year!
 2012                                                   2013                                            2014

My new favorite bracelet arrived this week from Metal Marvels and I am in love!

I picked up this gold polka dot top from Groopdealz (now Eleventh Avenue) and it is quickly becoming my favorite shirt to wear on the weekend!
Of course I had to pair it with my favorite Vigoss jeans (same brand) and leopard flats!

I have been obsessed with mushrooms lately!
This was my dinner Wednesday night. Just this.
Mushrooms, minced garlic, salt & pepper, and a little butter = FAVORITE!!!

Tonight (Thursday as I write this) I am planning on doing one of my favorite childhood activities with X....coloring eggs!
I used to love to put on my little apron and color the eggs just perfectly with my grandma.
Of course I never actually ate them, because YUCK!
But it was so much fun and a truly wonderful memory I have of being with my grandma :)

That is all for today folks!
I hope you all have a very Good Friday & Happy Easter with your loved ones!


  1. Caleb and I never make time to dye/paint Easter eggs and I want to this year!! I love your polka dotted top!

  2. I love your polka dotted top! I may be getting this ha ha

    Have a great Easter!

  3. Love that top and really love panfried, stuffed, raw...mushrooms. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness - how adorable were you in your little Easter bonnet?! So cute!!!

  5. Super cute top!! The Easter Basket is so cool...what a fun tradition!! And those mushrooms...yum!! I need to do this...

  6. Love the polka dot shirt! Cute Easter basket pictures. And I'm with you on simple dinners being a favorite!! Happy Easter to you and your guys!


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