Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Waiting on....

I am joining Holly @ While I'm Waiting... for her link up today.

And don't forget to join me and Penny tomorrow for #ThinkingOutLoudThursdays

X-tremely V

Now on with the Wednesday fun!
I love making lists, so today that is what you are getting!

What I'm waiting on...

1. For Spring to arrive! We have another Arctic blast possibly arriving later today :(

2. My sunless tan to develop beautifully. 
I decided I couldn't wait any longer, and started using my favorite tanning wipes again this week :)

3. For X to go to sleep at night without pulling/twisting my hair.
Yes, he should be in his own bed.
But he is quite possibly my only child, so I am cutting him some slack.
I may regret saying that in the future when I have no hair left :/

4. X's tumbling class to start next week.
That kid needs to burn some energy and inside the house just isn't cutting it!

5. My bridesmaid shoes to arrive!
I finally took the leap and ordered this pair.
Fingers crossed they fit and are comfy :)

So many more things I am waiting on, but that will have to wait for another day :)

What are you currently waiting on?
Are you currently making anything new?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. SPRING!!!!!!!!!!! yes please!!! I cant wait to hear how X likes gym!!!! We go through week she cant wait to go and then a few weeks later she is over it lol

  2. Thank you!!! You're the best! And, huge hugs - you were the first one to link up! :) Have a super day!

    1. Oh, and let your little one sleep with you as long as he wants. He'll be big in no time. I'm a hair twister so I totally get him! :) And, those shoes - fabulous! I'm a huge Steve Madden fan! Thanks again for linking up!

  3. I have never tried those tanning wipes but I am thinking I should go ahead and try them out. Also those shoes are so pretty!

  4. So, tell me about the wipes? I've always been concerned about using them thinking that it would make streaking look worse. Now dish :)

  5. Spring?? Is that a thing that happens in Ohio?? I just can't handle this snow anymore!

  6. Stopping by from the link up! Love those shoes. I will check back to see your link up tomorrow :) maybe I will join too!

  7. love those shoes! I hope they are comfy...if not, they look awesome! I love this link-up, might have to participate next week :)

  8. Hurry up spring!!! and I love those shoes!!! so cute!