Monday, March 9, 2015

I gotta wear shades | giveaway

This weekend we truly enjoyed being together :)
Mic didn't work this weekend (which is a first in a very long time) so the three of us just hung out together.
It was great!
Friday night we popped some popcorn and watched Big Hero 6 while snuggling in bed.

On Saturday, we decided to take advantage of the nicer weather and drive down to Columbus for the day.
Our first stop was Dick's Sporting Goods to get X his very first baseball glove!
I was beyond excited!
X was amazed by the wall of basketballs and soccer balls.
He of course checked out the bikes as well.
His favorite part of the store was the golf section.
Everything club he looked at or walked by he would exclaim "That is awesome!".
I loved it!
 I received the bright yellow sunglasses in a SpongeBob box of goodies and new they would be perfect for X!
He loves them! And wants to wear them day and night!

We went to a few more stores before X fell asleep in the car.
What do parents do when your kid is asleep in the car?
Go to Starbucks of course for frappuccinos!
I actually tried the Tiramisu flavor, but decided next time I would stick to my go-to drinks.

Once X woke up we enjoyed dinner at Matt the Miller's Tavern with some gift cards from Christmas.
If you are ever in the Columbus area I think you should definitely check it out.
The food, service, and atmosphere are great!
Perfect for kiddos too!

We ended the evening snuggled in bed once again watching Big Hero 6.
And that is exactly how we woke up on Sunday as well.
I think we honestly watched it 2x's in a row before getting out of bed! lol!

My dad and step mom decided to drive down for a bit, so that was another fun way to change up the weekend :)
X was watching out the window waiting for them to arrive :)

X had to show Pa just about every one of his toys, as well as his new glove.
X "sharing" chips with Grandma Linda. He thought he was so funny!

After they left we ran some errands and were back home for dinner at 8pm. Oops!
That Daylight Savings change totally screwed me up yesterday! I was laying there at midnight last night wide awake :(
Hence why this post is to the point and super late.
And why we had box cheeseburger mac for dinner. #keepinitreal
Oh well!
It was a great weekend with my family and I wouldn't change that for anything (even extra sleep)!

How was your weekend?
Don't forget to swing by my Friday post and leave a comment & your email address to enter my anniversary giveaway!
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And the grand prize is a $50 Starbucks gift card!
Who doesn't want that?
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Winners will be announced on the blog on 3/12!

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Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Just wanted to say that children should not wear their winter coats in carseats. The coats are too puffy and the seat straps aren't able to be tightened snug enough for safety. This is meant to help you and not be rude or judgey at all, it is hard to have to take the coat on and off I know as we live in a cold state too! A thin fleece like a north face would be ok, just not the big winter coats.

  2. His future's so bright.... :) Love it! Happy Monday!

  3. I was wide awake at midnight too! I'm super tired today...luckily it's not my turn to drive the van so I can sleep...

  4. Daylight Savings Time messed me up too. I swear it's just a cruel joke on parents because my toddler went to bed later and still woke up super super early. :(

  5. I totally agree about DST! Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend. Perfect! :)