Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I confess...

Trying something new this week, because why not?!

I confess...

~ That this post is being typed at 9am on Wednesday morning.

~ That our plate is beyond full, but I love all the fun and exciting things headed our way.
Can't wait to share with all of you :)

~ That I hate when bloggers/people say they have news, but they can't share it! lol!

~ That I have been seriously slacking in the workout department. Must get it together!

~ That I have been binge watching The Voice while at work. Thank God for owning our own business!

~ That I haven't decorated or even thought about meal planning for one of my very favorite holidays - St. Patrick's Day!

So what are your confessions?

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  1. LOL- You tease!! ;) I have totally slacked off on meal planning in general the past few weeks- need to step it up again.

  2. Yes, you tease! How long are you going to make us wait?! Let me're taking X on vacation to visit me!!???!!!

  3. I confess that I have been binge watching Friday Night Lights at work, and I don't own my own business :)

  4. I love that you're binge watching The Voice! It's so good!! Can't wait to hear what exciting things are coming up. :)

  5. Crazy life?! Story of my life!! I totally feel you! It's hard to keep up a blog, being a mom, working and life in general!! =) And I love the Voice, too!

  6. oh love good news!!! Cant wait to hear :)

    Ive been slacking and posting day of lately.

  7. I can't wait to hear your news!!! Thanks for linking up with Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you back tomorrow!