Friday, March 6, 2015

FF | Giveaway

Yeh for March!
I am so over the pink that consumes the whole month of February.
Bring on the green! The leprechauns! The shamrocks! Bring on St. Patrick's Day!
We have a lot on our plate over the next couple of months, but what I am looking forward to the most is the weather improving!
After all the snow, ice, and negative temps we have had I am smiling ear to ear hearing that we will have temps in the 50's next week! :)
That last sentence right there is definitely a favorite of the week!

We headed up north over the weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday.
While it was a super short visit, it is always a favorite of mine to get to see my family and watch X to get to play with my mom :)
 This was the peanut butter and chocolate fudge cake made for my mom. This was huge and just one of the many desserts!
See last year's cake here! This PB one was just about the same size! Nuts! lol!

Later that night we had dinner with friends on our way back home at one of my favorite places!
I seriously don't like my food to touch on my plate, but yet at Panini's  I can eat a sandwich that has roast beef, cheese, cole slaw and fries all in one! SO GOOD!

Signing up X for T-ball was another favorite moment this week!
I can't wait to see him out on the field!
I might be more excited than him :)

I picked up this shirt for X's spring pictures at school
Gingham is a favorite of mine :)
(I just wore one of my favorite gingham shirts here.)
He looked adorable (totally forgot to take a pic of him before school), and I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out!
And it is perfect for St. Patrick's Day (one my favorite holidays) and Easter!

I love getting to know other bloggers and truly becoming long distance friends.
Of my favorite North Carolina girls played 10 Questions with me yesterday for #ThinkingOutLoudThursdays
It was so fun getting to know Jenny better!
And you will be extremely jealous of the car her dad surprised her with!

And my final favorite for the week is all of you!
X-tremely V recently celebrated 2 years and I couldn't be happier to be a part of this blog world!
And to thank you all for being such wonderful readers and friends I am hosting a giveaway!
Prize packs include Disney blu-ray/dvd's, scarves, and a few more of my favorite things :)
Grand prize is a $50 giftcard to Starbucks!
The giveway widget is not working with me today :(
To enter please leave a comment below and include your email address.
Giveaway runs through midnight on 3/9 and the winners will be announced on 3/12!

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  1. That forecast looks similar to ours for next week. Yay!!!! We will have one in baseball and one in t-ball this summer. I love watching them play! Love the gingham shirt. :-) Happy Friday!

  2. YAY for warmer weather!! That PB cake...YUM!! Happy Birthday to your mom!! Can't wait to see t-ball pics! So cute!! Have a great weekend!

  3. I am so excited for that forecast here too!!!! That cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yummy!

    have a great weekend

  4. Yay for 50 degree weather!! I can not wait!! and I agree I am past the pink!! Lets move on! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. The 10 day has me SO EXCITED. I just hope it actually sticks. Our driveway is an ice skating rink- so I need the warmer weather!

  6. I read it is supposed to be the "thawing out" week. So hopefully it will stay warm! Ready to go back to summer camp. Also I have never thought of putting peanut butter chips on chocolate cake. I have to try it. Maybe I'll even use my new kitchen aid. Love the blog! -Teeny

  7. Weekends are so much better when the weather is pretty

  8. That sandwich looks so yummy!!!! Happy Friday

  9. Mmmm fries. I'm ready for green and leprechauns too! And wow that cake. ( )

  10. Mmmm fries. I'm ready for green and leprechauns too! And wow that cake. ( )

  11. That cake looks delicious!! I love this giveaway!

  12. That sandwich looks sooo good! Yum! Congrats on 2 years! That's exciting, and t-ball, so fun. I tried to get Colton to sign up, but he didn't want anything to do with it...maybe next year!

  13. Congrats on 2 years! :D Awesome giveaway! :)

    My name is Ashley Perez
    and my email is

  14. We are in Medina County so our forecast is similar to yours. It just makes you feel better knowing it's coming. We often go to Panini's in Brunswick, really good! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying reading it.

  15. Our forecast looks similar next week...SO happy!
    Congrats on 2 years...such a fun giveaway!

  16. That yummy!!!! It was so fun being on your blog this week and I so hate ever selling that car because my inner nostalgia is yelling at me right now. I hate my food touching too but feel pretty certain I could dive into that deliciousness on a plate. Happy Friday!!!

  17. Yay for warmer weather! The cake looks yummy! I love gingham too!

  18. I love gingham too! And, I love green so a green gingham shirt is perfection! I hope you'll share his pics!

  19. I'm so done with this weather! Can't wait for spring!

  20. So excited for spring!! Im so done with weather in my area having highs in the teens!

  21. You are so sweet to have a giveaway on YOUR blog birthday :)

  22. That cake looks sooooo good ! And happy blogaversary! Lifeasalee at

  23. So has X seen Big Hero? I'm wondering if Drew would like it! Happy Blogaversary! Sklein625 at

  24. Just saw Big Hero 6 recently. It was cute! :)

  25. Starbucks is a necessity after Daylight Savings Time! We loved Big Hero 6!

  26. Cake looks good - coffee with it even better - thanks for chance - loved big hero 6 - cindygaarder at gmail dot com

  27. That sandwich looks so yummy! Did your son like Big Hero 6? I've been debating letting Cam watch it. I'm super excited that 101 Dalmations is out again. Need to pick that one up.

  28. I was just thinking about eating at Panini's the other day! Thanks for tempting me Vanessa!!!!

  29. I really need to see Big Hero 6!

  30. We watched Big Hero 6 last Friday. Such a cute movie!!