Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

Boy this week has been a whole lot of sad story telling.
Sorry about that!
I promise to do my best to improve my mood next week.

Today I am linking up with the following the ladies for Friday Favorites!

My favorites this week are again all about X for the most part.
I brought this little guy to school on Monday and every time we hit a pot hole (which was a lot!) he would say "ouchy".
 When I picked him up that evening he was filthy!
I mean dirt all over him from getting to play outside!
Temps were in the 60's that day so I can't complain too much.
As soon as we got home we headed straight for the bathtub!
Of course selfies had to be taken ;)
 Since Mic was still at work, X and I ate dinner and then played with some old Starting Lineups that my brother game him. #80s #memories #childhood
On Tuesday evening we headed to the YMCA for X's tumbling class.
Before class these two were just giggling away with each other.
 Not sure if it was because it was St. Patrick's Day or what, but those kids (especially mine) were crazy!
That photo above was taken towards the end of class thankfully.
Apparently X was yelling and pointing at himself in the mirror.
#heissovain #iamintrouble
 We grabbed some dinner at Cracker Barrel after class with friends and then came home to a box on our porch.
We had ordered a tee pee for X for Christmas (think end of October) and it kept getting back ordered.
Mic and I basically gave up on it ever arriving, so we were highly surprised when it was sitting on our doorstep Tuesday evening.
This kid was just a bit excited!

The rest of our week has been filled with cough drops, cough syrup, and Tylenol :(
Praying we are all 100% by this weekend!
It is my brother's and my future SIL's bachelor/bachelorette weekend!
I have cupcakes to make, drinks to pick up, and fun to be had!

How was your week?
Any big weekend plans?

And so today isn't all about X, check out my Show & Tell post about the things that embarrass me on the regular, and what I am Thinking Out Loud about this week.

Happy Weekend! :)


  1. I love the bath picture!! so cute!!

  2. Hope the sick leaves the house and you can enjoy spring!

  3. He looks like he's loving his class at the Y! I hope you're all feeling better ASAP!! :)
    Enjoy your fun weekend!

  4. That teepee is awesome! Worth the wait, I'd say ;)

  5. He seems like such a happy little boy!! I love the pothole comment. We have SO many of them out here in Cincy!

  6. LOVE the teepee! I've always wanted to get one of those but could never figure out where we would put one! So cute! And, never be sorry for your favorites revolving around your adorable little boy! He looks like so much fun! I love seeing pics of him!

  7. looks like he is loving gymnastics!!!! That tee pee is super cool


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