Monday, March 30, 2015

Favorite Things | Nail Polish

It is time to talk about our favorite things once again with Andrea & Erika!
Today is all about nail polish!
I think just about every girl regardless of her style likes nail polish.
It is just fun to express yourself with a fun or dark or bright or crazy color on your fingers and toes!
I usually pick up my polish at Target, Walmart or Kroger.
And while some brands seem to be a little better than others, I am not too picky since I like to change my polish every few days on my fingers.
My toes however could last an entire month!
Anyways, I am also one who likes dark or bright on my toes while I tend to go lighter on my fingers.
I have a few friends who are the exact opposite.

So back to my favorites.
I used to love OPI polish, but then realized I didn't need to pay up for polish that I only kept on for a couple of days.
I still have a few that are my favorites from OPI like this purple shade called Funky Dunky that is similar to the one on my toes currently,

and of course my favorite tan of all time...San Tan-tonio!

I am also a huge fan of  the Sinful Colors brand.
They are pretty decent quality for only being a couple bucks.
And I love picking up their glitter polishes like
Pinky Glitter and

But as much as I try to not play favorites, I do have one.
All the Essie Colors are great and the polish really seems to last a bit longer.
These are some of my more recent shades.
Ballet Slippers

Bikini So Teeny
Sparkle On Top
Mojito Madness

So what is your favorite kind of polish?
What are your favorite shades to paint your fingers and toes?
Do you have a good base or top coat you can recommend?

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  1. That Mojito Madness is so fun!!! I love it! :)

  2. Everyone keeps recommending "Ballet Slippers"!
    I'm grabbing it next time I'm at Walmart :)

  3. I am swooning over the Ballet Slippers!!! I must add that to my shopping list!

  4. Ugh. This makes me wish I was a girl who totally CARED about her nails. I complain almost daily that my nails are always so horrible looking but it's just because I never take the time to DO them! ;) Essie always has the cutest colors...a couple years ago I discovered Loreal has some CUTE colors for cheap!

  5. I'm terrible at doing my nails, I just don't have the patience most of the time! I've been really wanting a super light tan/cream/white-ish polish so I might have to check out some of these you recommended!

  6. I love sinful colors too! It stays on pretty well for a few days. I do my nails all the time so I love that stuff.

  7. I jsut bought my first bottle of Essie, I know, where have I been? I was an OPI girl, but decided to branch out. Last year my favorite was a brand called SpaRitual (it's a vegan polish) and the color was Last Call, so pretty and goes on so smooth. But it's on the expensive side, but totally worth it! And how do you find the time to change your polish every few days. Andrea said the same thing and I can never find the time and every time I try to squeeze it in, I end up with smudge polish...also you have to get the Seche Vite top coat, changed my life! Seriously. But don't get it on Amazon, I read that there are a lot of fakes. I got mine from

  8. Fun choices! I've recently become an Essie girl. The bikini so teeny looks like a perfect spring color. I love the names of the Essie polishes. :) Is the sparkle one hard to remove??


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