Thursday, March 26, 2015


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Today I am talking ranting about Pretty Little Liars.
Spoiler Alert!
If you watch Pretty Little Liars, but haven't watched the Spring Finale stop reading now.
You have been warned.
ABC Family, instagram, and just about anywhere else you look have been teasing the big #AREVEAL for at least a few weeks now.
Tuesday night was THE night to finally find out who it was.
For a moment you may think it is Mona since the all the girls are being held captive and she is there as well.
Dressed in Alison attire and hair.
Oh yeah, and alive!

Spencer, who is sometimes too smart for her own good, figures out that some children's building blocks spell out the name Charles when unscrambled.

Long story short, after all these seasons of wondering who it could be we have found out...kind of.
The girls figure out that Charles is A.
At least that is what we are led to believe until the Summer season starts.
Of course in PLL fashion, Charles doesn't truly reveal himself.
He does approach the girls during their make shift prom he creates with a mask.

Spencer and Mona end up wandering around in a room that has some old photos and such of a little boy.
Just before Mona joins her in that room, Spencer watches an old recording of not one, but two little boys kissing what appears to be their baby sister Alison.

Did you Pretty Little Liars?
Is Charles the long lost brother of Alison & Jason?
Why was Andrew listening in on Veronica Hastings' call with Melissa?

So many questions!
Can't wait for the summer premiere!


  1. I was so disappointed in the the big "reveal". I even binged watched half of Season 5 so that it wouldn't be spoiled for me and so I could watch it live. Ugh.

  2. I never got into PLL but I think the cast members are all gorgeous!

  3. Okay I was going to give up on this show, I am backed up 5 episodes or something, but now after reading this, I have to watch. While disappointing, that it seems like it's not a character that has been introduced, I need to see everything! Of course!


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