Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Show & Tell | Most Embarrassing Moment

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Today's topic is Most Embarrassing Moment.

This is tough for me!
I am the type of person that pretty much everything embarrasses me.
So I figured I would just give you a handful of the things that embarrass me on a daily basis.

~ Anything that draws attention to me - doing anything loud

~ Not fitting in - Even if I am uncomfortable, I need to dress like everyone else or I will feel embarrassed -- Really trying to work on this one!

~ Not being able to control X in public

~ Tripping over my own feet -- while I am coordinated when it comes to sports, I can't put one foot in front of the other when I am walking without falling or running into something

~ Getting caught singing in my car

~ Having food stuck in my teeth without knowing it


The list could seriously go on and on.
I am really trying to work on being comfortable in my own skin, but it is tough!
Social media alone has made everyone feel like they have to keep up with the Jones' to not be embarrassed about something in their lives.
Totally not the direction I was planning on taking this post, but sometimes your fingers go there for you.

So my question for you is...Are you comfortable in your own skin?
Do you feel the pressures of social media to keep up?
What is your most embarrassing moment?
Please tell me a funny story after my somber post! lol!

To end on a brighter note...
May the luck of the Irish be with you today!


  1. oh gosh that thing about stuff in teeth gets me!!! I always get so embarrassed over this!! ;)

  2. When I was younger I was much, much more concerned with what others thought but I am really, really comfortable in my own skin now. Honestly I think people notice a lot more than we think they do. When my bigs were little I always worried about this they acted in public and my son was a toot...if I tried to calm him down it just made things worse. Everyone's kid acts a fool in public sometimes...no one knows whether this is a rarity for X or his normal self. I promise it is a phase and he will get over it!

  3. OK, so seriously, the teeth thing always get me. I think it started with me when I had braces in high school and stuff was always getting stuck in them. I'm that person at the table using her knife as a mirror (totally uncouth--I should just excuse myself from the table). I'm also the first person to tell someone, "Hey, you got a piece of spinach caught in there" because I don't want them to walk around all day with junk in their teeth and nobody tell them because some folks are too embarrassed to even tell someone else.

  4. I seriously DIE when I've been out all day, talked to a ton of people, get home and have something gross stuck in my teeth. Like for real?! Why don't people tell me?! Lol!

  5. Absolutely! I embarrass myself nearly daily. Everyone on social media looks so perfect, that I often think I am alone in this. But I'm learning I am not the only one, we ALL do this kind of stuff :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  6. yes to the teeth thing, but then when I see someone with something in their teeth I seriously have a debate with myself on whether or not to tell them! Usually I end up trying to casually tell them, but oh my gosh, it gives me anxiety figuring out whether to tell them or not.
    For the most part I'm comfortable in my own skin...but sometimes when I am feeling judged by others, I just second guess everything!

  7. I trip over cracks in the sidewalk, so I know what you mean! My only social media pressure comes from Pinterest and feeling like I have to have the perfect parties for my four year old- like she even cares what colored tissue tassels she has when her friends and cake are put together ;) (of course that wont stop me from pinning!!!)

  8. I'm with you on most of those. I seriously have tripped so many times running outside that I've ruined pants with holes! :)

  9. This list could seriously be mine! I get embarrassed super easy, I'm clumsy, etc. I would love to say that I'm super comfortable in my own skin but that would be a lie. I TRY to be comfortable in my own skin but I still care what others think. Not in a competition type of way - just a fitting in kind of way...That probably makes no sense but I loved your post! :)

  10. This was a hard topic for me! I finally thought of a story. Social media stresses me out. I deleted facebook because I thought everything I posted was stupid...and now I have a blog. Makes no sense ;) I agree with all of your embarrassing things. People always catch me singing in the car because I like to pretend like I'm on the voice or something! Ha!

  11. I am pretty comfortable in my own skin, but it has taken me years to get this way! And I have a LOT of kids, so whenever we are out in public, it kind of looks like a parade! So I had to get used to it! I LOVE to sing in the car and also talk to myself, you know, hold a conversation as if someone else is actually there, doesn't everyone do this? Well I am totally NOT in the car alone very often, but when I am I have figured out how to talk to myself without making a spectacle!! I hold my cell phone up and pretend I am talking to someone on that!!! It works, no lie!


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