Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites | #FBF

Hello Friday!
I am so happy to see you :)
Last weekend was a lot of fun, and this week has surely kept me busy, but I am now ready to be home for the weekend.
With that said, let's get on with my favorites of the week!

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I had a super fun weekend celebrating my soon-to-be SIL at her bachelorette party.

I was looking for something super easy to go along with the pork chops I made for dinner on Monday night.
These sauteed mushrooms were perfect! And SO good!

I have officially created a monster!
I offered X a shot of Redi Whip Cream in his mouth the other day, and now that is all he wants or talks about!
He wakes up and goes to bed asking for a shot of cream! lol!
He is too cute to say no to!

Random fun!
Mic had an appointment out of town on Wednesday night so it was just X and I for the night.
He said he wanted to paint, so that is exactly what we did :)
Trying to be a #yesmom is tough with a Threenager, but when I am able to we have so much fun!

Tuesday night I got some quality time in my friend/stylist Kasey.
Sometimes I head into the salon with crazy requests like I did on this particular night.
Thankfully Kasey is great at what she does and was able to achieve my crazy :)
Don't mind the completely awkward faces I have going on in these next photos...I suck at selfies!
This one really shows the color difference. Love it!

While at the salon I starting talking about how my old babysitter sent me a message with this photo attached.

She was going through things and came across it.
This was 30 years ago people!
December of 1984 to be exact!
I was 6 and my little bro was 2.
Yes, that haircut was horrific.
But look at those boots!!!!
I need a pair of those now!!!

Anyways, that photo got me thinking about how fun/crazy it was to do our hair in the 80's.
How many of you remember wearing banana clips?

Or how about these cone shaped clips?
I had these bad boys in multiple neon colors of course! #keepinitreal

The best hair tool of the 80's in my opinion would have to be the crimping iron!
I think I had this exact one in blue.
I would totally rock crimped hair now!
I think I need to start that fad up again.
What do you think?
Did you use a crimping iron back in the day?
Are you even old enough to know what a crimping iron is? lol!
What 80's or 90's hairstyles did you rock?
I would like totally go back to the 80's or 90's if I had the chance!
See what I did there ;)
I am so cool...not! 
Ok enough of that! lol!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the painting you did. It turned out so nice! Those are the best parties. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Omg the crimping iron! hahaha I wasn't allowed to have one because it would "burn my hair" HAHAHA!!! But I totally had banana clips and those cone things (Which I totally forgot about until right now!) I used to curl the BOTTOM of my long hair with sponge rollers and do it half up half down! Wow what a fashion statement that was!!

  3. What a fun weekend! I don't think my painting would look nearly as good as any of those. Haha!
    I rocked all 3 of those 80's styles. Rocked them!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I had all these hair tools--banana clips were the best :) And I don't even like mushrooms but yours look like something I would actually eat. There's a painting place nearby me that I've been dying to go to with my girlfriends and after seeing your pics this week, I have to set it up. Happy Friday!

  5. You are fabulous my friend! Aren't those painting classes so much fun?? And threenager.....I've got one too! Being a yes mom is hard but keep going! We are in this together! Prayers as always.. xo!

  6. I loved this favorite list. I was in high school in the 80"s and wore all of these. I loved my crimping iron!

  7. Oh the banana clip...I used one in one of my casual senior picture shots! I am surprised I even have hair now after all the perms I had...the bigger the better.

  8. Great post! - Seri from

  9. I have a threenager as well, so I can totally relate to the ups and downs. Love the fun 80s pics, brought back so many memories. Your hair is beautiful!


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