Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites | X

How is it Friday?
I mean, Yeh for Friday!
Keepin' it simple today since it is already 9:30am!

Almost all all my favorites focus on this guy...
He has decided he wants to take his own selfie's now :)

X had his first Tumbling Tots class at the local YMCA on Tuesday evening and he loved it!
Here are some of my favorite moments...
We arrived a little early and one of the front desk girls directed us to the gym for class.
It ended up being the wrong spot, but X loved running around with one of his favorite people - his daddy :)

Before entering the room the instructor greeted the kiddos at the door and asked them their names as they walked in.
Every little one said their first name and moved on.
Not my kid!
X stood there and gave his first, middle, and last name before making his entrance. lol!
 Sure looked like X was stretching while he waited for class to start! lol!
I am sure he was just having fun looking at another favorite person of his....himself! lol!
All the kids gathered in a circle on the floor to "warm up" for class. So cute!
And I love the fact that it was more boys than girls!
 Taking pics through glass isn't that easy so this is blurry :(
It was so fun watching these littles do the crab walk!
But my absolute favorite part of the class was watching this kid rock the beam!
Yes, it is basically on the ground, but he walked that thing all by himself!

X loved this class and can't wait to go back next week!
I love the fact that he loved it, and I really love that he is finally old enough to get involved in organized activities :)

That evening Mic went back to the office, so X and I of course did one of our favorite things together..
Take Selfies after bath time! :)
 I don't care that they are blurry, they are my favorite because X took them :)

That kid has my heart! :)

Another favorite of the week...sawdust in my hair.
I got a good idea what I would look like with gray hair yesterday while sanding the walls in the bathroom. lol!
We spent the day removing 80's wallpaper from both upstairs bathrooms.
Then removing all that horrible glue!
I am hoping we can finish sanding, fixing holes in the walls, and getting some paint on the walls this weekend.
Wish me luck!

And speaking of luck, one of my favorite holidays is coming up on Tuesday!
St. Patrick's Day!
I figured I needed to start celebrating now, so I am rockin' my shamrock scarf and green socks today :)

Scarf from Sears - similar
Socks from Target $1 Spot

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That is all for today!
What are your favorites from the week?

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  1. The tumbling tots class looked like fun! Yay for a great way to burn off some of that toddler energy. His selfies are the cutest. :) Love the shamrock scarf! Happy weekend!

  2. I love that he gave his full name....I always think that is so cute! Have a great weekend!

  3. He is so cute!! I love it :) I can't wait until Lily Jane can start taking Mommy and Me classes

  4. So cute!! And hey, on the ground or not, that beam is hard!!! Love St. Patrick's Day too! Love the scarf and socks!! Have a great weekend with your guys!!

  5. love the festive scarf! your little man is getting so big!!

  6. I love the "selfie" pictures!!! so cute!

  7. I love your shamrock scarf!! So festive :)

  8. Love your socks and scarf! And the X selfies, too cute. So happy that he's liking the gymnastics class, finally Baby Fox has started to like going to class, and is excited to go the gym with me, yay for our kids getting some social time...but makes me sad, they don't need us as much, lol!


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