Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ohio | WIWW

Lately I have been in a funk :(
I wear the same outfits over and over again for work.
My evening and weekend uniform has turned into yoga pants and tees!
Who am I?
I think this cold weather and the sickness that seems to never end in our house has really taken a toll on my outfit selection.

Today I bring you super comfy, super laid back mommy style :)
back in black, mommystyle
I rock this ACDC hat almost every Sunday morning when I hit up the grocery store.
It is my go to hat for everything!
It is black and white, and 100% me!

The Home T, midwest
 One of my favorite tees to wear is this super soft Ohio one from The Home T.
Since I only own one OSU item, I sported this during the game on Monday night.
Perfect if you ask me :)

winter, rain, black
 And the final item I have been wearing every single day this past week are my trusty Hunter boots.
While they aren't the warmest winter boots in the world, they keep my pants from dragging and look super cute.
In fact I have been styling my work outfits around them so I don't have to change out of them :)

Do you have a typical "mom" outfit you wear?
Do you have a favorite hat or tee you wear all the time?

Linking up with Sarah, Alison, and Shanna.
Make sure to check out what they are wearing this week too!
I am sure it is much more fashionable than me! Especially this week! :)


  1. Hunters are THE best in this snow. I love my UGG's, but when it's slushy out, I prefer my Hunters that just wipe clean! :)

  2. Your t-shirt is adorable. I love the look:)



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