Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going for Gold | WIWW

Honest moment here...I really need to do laundry.
Like I have been barely coming up with things to wear to work for the last few weeks!
I think I get home from work and just get busy making dinner, and the rest of our nightly routine.
Must do laundry!

Anyways, here are the couple of clean items I have had to wear this past week.
Another honest moment, it is basically accessories today! lol!

I think my love for Thin Mints and Thin Mint coffee creamer has carried over into my outfit choices! lol!
I wore this mint scarf and mint striped shirt on Monday with my gray cords.
Similar shirt/scarf/pants
While I like to mix up patterns and colors these days, every now and then I have to get back to my roots and be the matchy-matchy person that I truly am :)

I exchanged a scarf awhile back at Kohl's and picked up this gold one instead. I don't wear much gold at all.
I am usually a silver or platinum girl, but I have been liking gold more and more these past few months.
I even picked up these awesome bracelets at Charming Charlie last weekend.
I can now predict my future. lol!
I see myself in lots and lots of bracelets and cuffs over the next year :)
Thanks for turning me on to the arm party Andrea! ;)
Other than that I have been sporting my heaviest winter coat, boots, gloves, etc.
It is cold in Ohio these days.

So what have you been wearing this past week?
Are you still rockin' fun Fall clothes, or are you bundled up to stay warm?
Where do you shop for fun accessories? I would love to find some fun headbands too!

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  1. I want to find some headbands too, but I just don't think my head is made for them, they keep falling off! At least the kind that go all the way around your head, weird right?


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