Tuesday, January 13, 2015

random Ness

Most my life I have been called Ness.
When I moved to the field everyone started calling me V (against my wishes) and it stuck.
But every now and then it feels good to just be Ness.
Hence today's title :)

See what I mean about being random?

Linking up for the first time with Jessica & Katie @ Sweet Little Ones
Sweet Little Ones

The great thing about Tuesday Talk is that it is totally random! :)
I love it!

This poor little guy has been sick since Friday :(
We went to the doctor yesterday and they informed us he has strep!
I hope the antibiotics work quickly and he can get back to just having fun!

I am seriously obsessed with this song!!!
If you haven't heard it listen now! If you have, listen again :)

In case you missed it, I finally posted my year in review yesterday.
Better late than never :)

Other than that I have nothing :(
I stayed up last night to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes win the championship over the Oregon Ducks.
While I don't claim to be an Ohio State fan, I do love football and my home state.
Proud of the Big 10, Ohio, and that Cleveland boy Cardale Jones!

How are you feeling today?
Anything bothering you?
Anything make you over the moon happy?
I would love to hear from you in the comments below :)


  1. Go bucks!!!!!! :) that game was awesome, but I'm so darn sleepy from not going to bed until about 1am!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your son :( Hope he feels better soon! Here's to praying for not a lot of sickness this winter!! Thanks for linking up with us! www.sarahefrazer.com

  3. That song is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and for linking up with Tuesday Talk!


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