Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's 2015 | #xvsdailylife2014 Final Weeks

Let's be honest, who is really reading blogs this last week of the year?
Well in case you are (like me), I figured it was only right have a few posts of my own out there :)

Today I am bringing you my final weeks #xvsdailylife2014
To see all of my photos throughout the year type in #xvsdailylife2014 on Instagram :)

I still can't believe I managed to take a photo a day for the entire year!!!
There were a few days in there that were really rough, but for the most part it was pretty fun :)
And I believe I am going to do it again in 2015.
Be sure to follow along at #dailyxv2015.

  Day 351 ~ Free birthday drink from Starbucks!

Day 352 ~ My heart belongs to you #redcup!

 Day 353 ~ It was a pizza and Christmas lights kind of night :)

 Day 354 ~ Some homemade body scrub is ready for gifting :)
 Day 355 ~ I was able to some of the presents wrapped today!

Day 356 ~ It's a wine & mac-n-cheese kind of night!

Day 357 ~ We got our family pictures back :)
Love that face!

 Day 358 ~ Christmas Eve ~
The best you can do with missing pieces and a crazy 3 year old!

 Day 359 ~ It's Christmas morning and someone is super excited!

Day 360 ~ My guys are asleep and it wasn't even 8pm!
Time to enjoy some hot chocolate and relax :)

 Day 361 ~ Enjoyed lunch at an interesting little spot in Coschocton with my little family :)

Day 362 ~ Christmas is officially over! Bring on 2015!!

Day 363 ~ We celebrated X's potty achievements with cupcakes before dinner :) #bigboy

Day 364 ~ Took a tiny step out of my comfort zone today and tried something different at Starbucks.
White Chocolate Mocha you are alright, but my heart will always be with the Mocha Latte :)

Day 365 ~ Partied like it was 1999 with two of my favorite guys!

Hope you all had a fantastic 2014!
I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store my family and all of you!

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  1. yes I can't wait either! I love that you do this...:) Looking forward to 2015 with you and your family...did that sound weird? probably, but whatever! :)


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