Friday, January 9, 2015

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This week has gone faster than I can blink!
Maybe it is all the freezing cold days and nights, or the fact that I am getting up and going home when it is dark outside :/
Either way it is Friday and I will take it!

Linking up today as always with the following ladies.


X named me his favorite snuggle partner!
Do I even need to write more than that? :)

We made white cake with a yellow stripe and sprinkles just because!
X came home from his grandparents on Tuesday night and was asking for white cake for dessert.
More often than not I am busy making dinner, handling laundry, etc. and we don't get to just do something out of the ordinary.
Tuesday, we changed things up and enjoyed our cake!

I have only missed two days of workouts since the 1st of the year :)
My energy is up, my weight is going down, and I just feel good!
I have extra motivation this year brother's wedding is 4 1/2 months away! And...

We booked our 2015 family vacation!
With the extremely cold temps we are experiencing this week, it was nice to get that booked and start daydreaming about hanging out on the beach for a week :)

X and I both know every word to Frozen now!
I could seriously watch that movie every single day just to hear him recite the words and sing all the songs!
It is beyond cute!!!
We even sing the songs in the car just for fun!
Obviously, this one is our favorite :)

Speaking of Disney, I have another great giveaway for you all :)

Set sail for an epic saga stretching from London, all the way to Never Land and back with JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES: BATTLE FOR THE BOOK! 
Enter here for your chance to win a DVD copy, available January 6 -

So how was your week?
I hope you are staying warm!


  1. Cam loves to sing the songs from Frozen. IT's mainly the chorus, but hilarious to listen too. He also wants to watch clips of Olaf on youtube. :)

  2. Can you give me some of your exercise motivation?? I'm in serious need over here! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Way to go on the workouts and booking a trip for 2015...I should really get moving on that.

  4. Haha I am 23 without kids and love Frozen! It is hard not to love. The cake looks super yummy!
    Have a great weekend

  5. The cake looks so good!! My mini would love making and eating a cake :) A family vacation to the beach right now seems so great
    Chelsea @

  6. We booked a family trip as well. It definitely helps when you have a warm destination to look forward to. :)


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