Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tree Farm Family Photos

I realized I gave a sneak peek at our 2014 family photos, but never actually posted them on here.
We stayed local this year and had some good friends who are just starting their business take our photos.

I had been pinning every Christmas tree farm pictures I saw so I couldn't wait until the day arrived for ours!
We met at a local tree farm in Bellville (one town over) early in the morning.
While it was great because no one was there, it was freezing!!!
I think X had a runny nose and super rosy cheeks the entire time :(
Thankfully, the outfits I had planned for us were our winter coats, hats, and boots!
We made the best of it though, and I think came away with some good shots.

We used this one for our Christmas card this year.

Our friends had some really cute props with them, but unfortunately we aren't a family that poses (sits still) very well :(
We tend to have more candid style shots over the last few years since we have an extremely active little guy!

 He found his own props :)

And my super smiley kid was not feelin' it that day :(

 This is one of my favorites because X took the sticks and made an "X" :)

 You can't have a heart if this doesn't completely melt you!
Just kidding! It totally melts me though :)

 The farm had a really cute wooden train, a hot chocolate booth, Santa Claus, and more!

#sorrynotsorry for the photo overload :)

And just for fun, here is our Christmas card from 2013.

Click here to see some of our past family photos.


  1. What a beautiful little family!!!! :) you're so pretty.

  2. Precious pictures!!! Vanessa you are seriously flawless my friend :)

  3. cute, cute, cute! Love your coat, I want it! :)


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