Friday, January 2, 2015

FF | Welcome 2015

Since I didn't do a favorites post last week, I have decided to combine the past two weeks for today.

Linking up as always with my favorite Friday hosts

The past couple of weeks have been a blur for the most part, but we definitely had some good times!

new year, new me
I picked up this new planner and colorful pens at Target this week.
It is time for a new year! That means meal planning, budgets, date nights, and so much more!
I can't wait to write in it!

You will probably see this photo or ones just like it a lot!
This little guy showed interest in potty training right around 2 years old, and then just didn't want any part of it :(
We started trying again in September and he just has not been a fan of it. UGH!
Something has switched with him in recent weeks and he is doing great!
Staying dry all day. Going #1 & #2 on the big boy potty like he has been doing it his whole life!
While I am terrified now for car rides and leaving the house in general with a potty trained kid, I am so excited and proud of him!
I am going to try to stay positive, but my luck normally is since I am typing this he will completely stop :(
Fingers crossed and prayers said that X is focused on being a big boy moving forward :)

 We were supposed to spend NYE with some friends and their little one, but sickness hit their house :(
So instead, Mic, X and I partied hard at home ;)
We enjoyed some stuffed mushrooms, pizza, and cupcakes!
It was the perfect way to bring in 2015!
Best part...I was able to get up early, get some things done around the house, get a decent workout in, and read a couple of chapters from my new book!
I can already tell I am going to be one happy girl in 2015 :)

My new favorite breakfast!
We enjoyed this amazing Blueberry Croissant Puff on Christmas morning and it is easily being coming a weekend staple.
In fact, it is on the menu for Sunday morning :)
See that, I am already meal planning for the new year!

So I might seriously be the last person on the planet (slight exaggeration, but still) to get a Clarisonic.
My skin instantly felt softer! I have only been using this bad boy for about a week and I have already noticed such a difference in my skin!
My skin doesn't look dry like it normally does this time of year, and my makeup is going on with such ease.
Put this on your wish list, birthday list, 2015 Christmas list, whatever list you have. Do it!
You won't be sorry!
And yes, because I am such a tomboy I asked Mic for the grey one :)
The box came and it actually says it is a Men's version.
Nothing, I repeat, nothing is different.
The brush head that came with mine is the normal one, but you can get any brush head you want for them.
This might just be a Christmas gift for some of my family members in the future ;)

So I technically knew everything I was getting from Mic for Christmas because I ordered it myself.
Hey! When you know what you want...
Anyways, I had been following Farmgirl Paints on Instagram for awhile impatiently waiting for her shop to open.
She is only open a few times a year for like 10 days at a time :(
So if you want something made from her shop, and trust me you do, you better get it ordered!

I ordered a couple of these awesome leather cuffs for presents, and then picked these two for myself!
I love them!
It is hard to tell from the picture above, but the bottom cuff is a distressed black color.
Both sayings are words that X has used over the last couple of years :)

What are your favorites from the week?
Do you meal plan? I would love to hear what recipes you are making!


  1. I got a Clarisonic for Christmas too and I'm in LOVE!!!! It's amazing! Love your cuffs too!

  2. I love your cuffs! And yay for X. I'm always nervous about taking a newly potty trained kid out of the house too! ;) We're at that stage with our daughter right now. I'm going to have to try that breakfast; looks yummy! Have a great weekend!

  3. love my clarisonic too!! happy new year!! and those puffs look divine!!

  4. I really need to get a Clarisonic. You will love all of the Duck Commander books- Phil and Jase's biographies are also very good. -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  5. Yay for the potty training!
    It makes life so much easier!! :)

  6. Clarion if is the best! Your NYE looked just like mine


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