Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Home + A Giveaway

This past weekend I went home.
I go home on average once a month.
It is where my parents live, my grandma, etc.
It is the place that molded me into the person I am today.
I love home!

Sunday was my dad's birthday and I wasn't sure if we were going to make it up there to visit or not.
Thankfully the snow held off until we made it back to the field on Sunday afternoon.
Anyways, I have always wanted to take Mic and X back to my old high school to truly get a sense of where I grew up.
After realizing this is the last year the high school will be in the same building I went to, I knew I needed to act fast.
This past weekend worked out perfect!
Good ole' BHS had a home game on Saturday night!
Saturday games are rare for boys basketball in my hometown (we maybe had one a season), so I was not going to let this opportunity pass by!
The three of us hopped in the car Saturday afternoon and headed north.

We enjoyed a nice dinner at Sorrento's with the family (including my little bro) before heading to the game.
X wanted to "read" the menu.

The team is not good this year :(
I mean, like they have only won 2 games!
So we weren't anticipating much of game, but just the idea of getting to be back in my old high school gave me butterflies.
I know a lot of people that couldn't wait to get out of high school or our small town, but I truly loved it!
Still do!
Yes, things have changed over the years since I have lived there but it is still where I grew up and made tons of memories.
It will always be important to me and have a special place in my heart.

Now I can say a few things have changed at the school - new paint, no pay phone in the lobby, updated restrooms - but for the most part it was exactly the same.
It felt good to be home :)

My dad also graduated from BHS and played basketball in this very gym :)
I love that he was there with us :)

Both the JV and Varsity boys played well enough to come away with wins on the night!
The only disappointing thing about the evening was the cheerleading squad :(
I was so looking forward to seeing them perform and show Mic what BHS cheerleading is all about.
But unfortunately, there was nothing to show :(
There is so little interest that the same squad cheered for both games!!!!
 I can't believe it!
When I was there girls would be crying because not everyone could make it!
I mean like double digits of girls upset over not getting to be a Cardinal Cheerleader!
And the talent...oh goodness.
While that definitely bummed me out, I didn't let it ruin the evening.
We had a great time overall.

The COA National Championship trophy from my freshman year.
Feels like yesterday!

After the game X even got to run around on the court before we left.
Oh, it so melted my heart! :)

While I hate to see my school be passed onto the elementary kids, I am looking forward to visiting the new school in the future and seeing what it will offer the SL kids of today.
Despite what some of my fellow classmates may say, BHS is best! :)

The spot where it all began for my dad and step mom :)
They met while sitting there watching my older step brother play basketball.
This June will be 21 years that they have been married.

Before heading home for the weekend we had to celebrate Pa's birthday with cupcakes and singing :)

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  1. I love going back home, I haven't been back to my HS in 10+ years? I always want to go back to say hi since a LOT of my friends are now teachers there, crazy! But just haven't done it, and now that my parents moved away, there's no reason to really go back, sigh. But what a fun weekend trip.

  2. Going back into my old high school is so crazy!!! But I always love it! ;) glad you got to go home this weekend!

  3. Love this! I haven't been back into my high school in quite a few years, but I do always love it when I go back. Just feels like "home" to me, even though the current high school is new and not the one I attended- mine is still right next door, it's just the middle school now.


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