Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Style Perspectives | Graphic Tees

I can't lie, I started linking up with the lovely ladies at The Blended Blog for these weekly style posts all because of this prompt.
Graphic tees are just a little piece of heaven in my book.
I even wrote a post about my love for them back in October.
I basically live in them when I am not at work.
I wear them to bed, I wear them when cleaning, I wear them to sporting events, and more!
As far as styling them goes, I pretty much let the graphic take over my look.
I have paired them with blazers, hoodies, etc.
But my favorite way to wear them is with jeans and my converse :)

Cle Clothing Co.

I noticed a bit of a theme when going through some of my graphic tees.
Can you guess what I gravitate to?
Wild Mountain Apparel

Old Navy - many years ago

 Same - Etsy Store

ESPN Zone Store - really old


 The Deacon Shop

The Home T 

Pebby Forevee

And lately, I have been living in this one from Altard State.

Do you wear graphic tees?
What are some of your favorites?
Where do you purchase them?
And how do you style them?

Make sure to check out my girl Deena on The Blended Blog today, as well as the other stylish ladies linking up with their graphic tee looks!

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  1. Jared and I both really love graphic tees!! :) We have some nerdy ones like NASA and I have an Iron Man one I enjoy wearing a lot. Loving your Xavier one, go Muskies! And your first one about loving Cleveland is so perfect. For you of course ;)

  2. Seriously deeming you queen of the graphic tee! I love them....always buy them...and then think they look ridiculous on me. I'm short waisted and have enough love handles that the fitted ones are too tight and non-fitted seem to be too long. The struggle

  3. LOVE graphic tees!!! my favorite are my NKOTB and Gilmore girl ones

  4. Yup, you win. I actually thought of you when I picked this prompt, is that weird?

  5. holy graphic tees!!! I think your collection might rival Deena's and that's saying something lol!

    Simply Shaunacey

  6. Hi Vanessa, so many graphic tees. As a Michigander, the mitten tee and the "Midwest is Best" are my favorites. I would love to own a Home Tee though. =)

    I am glad I was able to join in on the fun prompt too, with my new graphic tee which I love. Check it out. =)

    Don't forget to join me every Thursday by linking up. The new linkup is currently live. This pretty outfit must be shared. Thanks, Ada. =)

    Have a great Monday! =)