Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Show & Tell | Talk Show

Linking up today with Andrea @ Momfessionals for another fun edition of

Today is all about Talk Shows!
Not the sleazy stuff you see on TV, but your dream talk show.
The kind where you are the host and you set it up any way you would like.
Have any guest you would like.
Sounds pretty awesome right?

So when I thought about the type of show I would host I had a million ideas running through my head.
I like to go, go, go.
So having a show where people come to me wasn't really my thing.
So I decided I would have a traveling show.
I love to check out new places, so I decided I would go to my guest :)

You may have picked up on the idea that I am not a "girls girl".
I mean, I have friends that are girls, but I tend to fall into the "guys girl" category.
Meaning that my guests will range all over the board.

Now onto that guest list!

Destination: Memphis, Tennessee
Guest: Justin Timberlake
If I could only pick one person to interview on my show it would be JT!
Between his music and acting career, his love for sports and good drinks, and being a fairly new dad we would have SO much to talk about!
And we of course would dance!

Destination: Chicago, Illinois
Guests: Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, & Scottie Pippen
What kid didn't like the Chicago Bulls in the 90's?
Yes, I love Cleveland with all my heart but this team was amazing!
And these three guys are seriously some of the greatest players (IMO) to ever play the game.
I would love to hear their stories from those years of playing together.
And it doesn't hurt that Scottie & Dennis are two of my all time favorites :)

Destination: American Idol Series Finale
Guest: Carrie Underwood
I have watched American Idol on and off over the years, and there have been some amazing artists that have come from that show.
Carrie Underwood has to have become the biggest star ever from AI!
She is so pretty, so sweet, so talented, and don't get me started on those killer legs she has!
I think it would be awesome to take a trip down memory lane with her during the series finale shows this week.

Destination: New Orleans, Louisana
Guest: Peyton Manning
A great football player is a great football player, despite what team they play for.
While I have had a bitter taste in my mouth for the Denver Broncos for many years, I can't help but love Peyton Manning.
That man is a class act through and through.
I would love to hear his stories of growing up in a football family and more.

Destination: California Coast
Guest: Cindy Crawford
To this day I think Cindy Crawford is the most beautiful model there ever was.
As a young girl I wanted to be her.
Heck, today I would love to look that good!
She has continued to age gracefully.
I would want to know all her tips and secrets while we lounge on the beach :)

Destination: Nashville, Tennessee
Guest: Reese Witherspoon
Doesn't Reese just seem like a genuinely nice and sweet person?
I feel like we could stroll around Nashville, stopping in at her favorite coffee shop, or throwing on some boots to go line dancing, or just chillin' at her house with her kids.
Honestly, I feel like we could just talk all day about anything :)

Destination: Waco, Texas
Guests: Joanna & Chip Gaines
Umm, Hello!
These two were no brainers!
I want them to show me around the silos, the bakery, their farmhouse, and more!
I want Joanna to then jump on a plane with me and come back to my house to remodel it ;)

Destination: San Antonio, Texas
Guests: Tim Duncan & David Robinson
The twin towers played some amazing basketball together.
Another couple of class acts that I would love to just sit back and listen to their stories of game days, finals, and more.
Bonus: David Robinson is my ALL TIME favorite basketball player to ever play the game!

Destination: The Ryman in Nashville
 Guest: Eric Church
I had the pleasure of hearing Eric perform in Austin, Texas at Austin City Limits and he was phenominal!
I would love to get a private performance at the great Ryman Theater and then sit down and chat about life, music, being on the road, etc.
Over the years he has become my favorite male country music artist.
He stays true to himself and that means the world to me!

Who would you have on your talk show?
Where would your show be located?

Ps. Spellcheck has decided to not be my friend today, so try not to be too hard on me if things aren't spelled right ;)


  1. Hello from the link up! I love your list of people you would interview! Chip and Joanna Gaines are two of my favorite people in this world! It would be amazing to tour their town and life for sure!

  2. How fun! Yes to Waco, TX, I so want to be their best friends :) I would totally watch your talk show, great guests!

  3. LOVE your idea of the traveling show- that would be so much fun!!! :) Jared and I were just discussing the Bulls of the 90s the other day and how everyone we knew loved them! Pippin and Jordan were our favorites :)

  4. Love, love, love your take on this! When you come to Waco I'll be sure to drive up and be your co-host. :)

  5. Love that you picked Michael, Dennis and Scottie as guests! And growing up in Waco, I'd have to concur with your choice of Chip and JoJo! Their store is just divine!