Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Pinterest Fail

I am not one that takes failure well.
I have loved to bake for many years, and typically do it well.
This past Christmas my mom came down for a weekend to make cookies and desserts with me.
It was the first holiday baking session in our "new" home.
Reminder: My "new" home is 40 years old, has had 0 updates, and sits in the country.

While baking our goodies we noticed nothing, I mean nothing, was coming out right.
I follow the recipes exactly...that is my personality after all.

Every single cookie or bar came out burnt, but not cooked through :(
I did the unthinkable and started changing the recipes, adjusting the temperature of the oven, and changing the baking time.
It was a very discouraging day.

So fast forward to this past weekend when I once again attempt to make some homemade goodies for my SIL's upcoming baby shower.
It is a tea party theme for the shower, so I decided to make little favors that included tea packets and honey spoons.
I picked up all the items I needed and thought I couldn't be that hard.
I have made candy and other like items before and had no issues.

I put everything into my pot, turned on the heat, and stirred.
And stirred.
And stirred.
The directions say to not stop stirring.
I stirred that honey mixture for over 30 minutes!

Once the mixture appeared ready, I pulled it away from the heat (again like the directions stated) and started dipping the spoons into the candy mixture.

I then let them "rest" so the honey would solidify on the spoons.

I then played the waiting game again.
I played that waiting game for quite awhile, but that stinkin' honey wouldn't harden!
I didn't know what to do.
I started looking online to see if I could put them in the refrigerator to hurry them along, but everything advised against that :(
So I waited some more.
Finally, I had to move on with my evening (yes, it was dinner time at this point) so I wrapped each spoon in wax paper and set them in a cooler spot of the house.
Humidity was not on my side Sunday :(

I checked on them Monday morning and they were STILL sticky!!!
I finally put them in the fridge at that time.
I checked on them again Monday afternoon and they still wouldn't harden all the way!
So I am officially giving up and calling it a big fat FAIL.

I am currently typing this Wednesday morning and have 0 clue what I am going to do for the favors.
Did I mention that the shower is THIS Saturday?
Holy moly I better get on it!
Fingers crossed and lots of prayers are being said that I come up with a new idea quickly, and am able to get them done in the next couple of days.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :)
Happy Thursday Friends!
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  1. Love the honesty and the grrrrrs

  2. lol I'm sorry but this is so something I would do and get horribly frustrated by so I'm not laughing AT you but more that I can relate.
    Stupid recipes that don't work UGH!

    Simply Shaunacey

  3. frustrating! I wonder what is going on? I have a fun baby shower activity that is not a game to do, not party favors, those are probably over rated anyway, concentrate on something else. If you want to know just let me know :)

  4. Ugh- what a bummer!! I wonder why they wouldn't harden?! I hate when you find a recipe that should be simple and to the point and it just doesn't turn out. Good luck! I know you will think of something great for the shower :)

  5. So frustrating! There are some things I just cannot master and I will tell you stuff like this is so tricky. I have tried to make fudge for years and honestly I think outside temperature, air pressure, all comes into play! I always try to over do it and honestly keeping it simple is the way to will find something perfect I'm sure!

  6. This happens to me ALL the time! Good luck!!


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