Friday, April 15, 2016

Turtles, Frogs, & Waffles!

Happy Friday!
Currently it is 9am Friday morning, the sun is shining, and the temps for today and this weekend are supposed to be around 70!
Spring (possibly) might finally be here!
That right there is a favorite for the week for sure!

But let's back up shall we?

Last weekend I started it off right with a White Chocolate Mocha and cake pop from my favorite spot - Starbucks :)

On Saturday, I attended a great Advocare event with some of my favorite people :)
Check out all the goodies I received here!

 Simplicity was the name of my game this week as far as outfits go.
I linked up with some of my favorite ladies for another round of Style Perspectives.

I would feel stranded if I didn't have hair ties with me at all times.
I linked up with Shay & Erika to share what other favorite medicine cabinets I couldn't live without on Wednesday Thursday ;)

Now to the not so favorite stuff :(
On Thursday morning I got to spend some time with my favorite little boy ;) and his friends from school.
We took a field trip to Gorman Nature Center.
We were ready to go with our boots and camo!

We arrived, were split into two groups, and we were escorted inside first.
Thankfully, our group didn't have to touch or learn about snakes.
One of my least favorite things!
Instead we learned about the Box Turtle :)
 This gentlemen fed this guy (it was a boy because he has red eyes) some little worms and the kids went crazy!
 Then the exciting part came.
They each got to knock on the shell, touch his legs, hold him, etc.
 It was tough to get a good picture since the parents were sitting behind the kids, but I managed to grab a quick "selfie" of X :)

 Unfortunately, we had to learn about the gray tree frog as well.
My other least favorite thing :(
The little boy next to X was pretty brave and let the frog sit on his hand.
 However, X was a mini me and only let it sit on his boot :)
 After our lesson inside, we headed outside to the pond.
This was X's favorite part of the trip!
 They We were supposed to drag the nets along the bottom of the pond to find tadpoles and such.
Basically the parents had to hold their child from falling in the water. lol!
We didn't find anything, but a few others did...mainly our guide for the morning.

 I loved seeing all those little heads grouping together to check out the finds for the day :)

 X's class quickly sat on the bench for a group picture.
This was the best out of 8 that I took! lol!
At least the cutest, and my favorite kid was smiling in them all :)
And that kid next to X is lucky he is X's  favorite despite the hat he was wearing. ;)

And one last favorite for the week.
These Sweet Belgian Waffles are amazing!
I ran into Sam's Club yesterday afternoon and these caught my eye right as I was about to check out.
While they aren't the exact ones we had in Columbus, they will do!

How was your week?
Any big weekend plans?

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  1. YES- the weather is supposed to be so great over the next few days and I cannot wait to enjoy it!!! :) I'm with you on the no to snakes and frogs haha, but the turtle part definitely looks cool!

  2. What a fun week! Loved seeing your little guy with all his friends! Too cute! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  3. Yes to cake pops.

  4. Starbucks cake pops are the best! I'm pretty sure I would die without hair ties :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Yay to good weather! What a fun weekend, but I'm going to have to say that turtles freak me out and so do frogs...not looking forward to those field trips!

  6. What a fun field trip! Hope you are having a super week.