Monday, April 11, 2016


I joined some friends this past Saturday for Advocare's Ladies Alive event in Columbus.
Despite the weather (it was snowing and slick), sitting all day (10am-4pm), and then sitting in the parking garage for another hour we had a great time together :)

It was a packed house!
Seriously, the Palace Theater holds about 3000 people and every one of those seats were full!
I can honestly say I have never been in a room with that many women in my life!

Due to the weather, things got started a little late but no one seemed to mind.
And on a side note: I am seriously jealous of those Texas accents!
The company was founded in Texas and those main hosts have been with Advocare between 18-20 years!
I just loved hearing them speak :)
I can't lie, one of my favorite parts of the day was when Dr. Kraemer (from Ohio State) came out to talk about some of the products.
I love using a few of them, but I also love to hear more about the ones I haven't tried yet.
They had lots of these "chat" sessions on the stage as well as individuals telling their stories of how they discovered Advocare, what it has done for them monetarily and health wise.
So let me back up a moment.
Way back in 2007, my friend Jody invited me to an Advocare mixer at her home.
She was just starting the products and knew I was into fitness, so she thought I might be interested as well.
I went to her home on a Spring evening and was introduced to Advocare by that lady in the blue dress.
I guess you could Elyse our team manager/mom/etc now.
Her and her husband have sky rocketed up the ladder in this company.
Both of them were teachers who retired and just travel around the US introducing Advocare into more homes.
It is crazy!
Anyway, way back then I started using the products and fell in love with them.
I don't push it on here, because that isn't who I am.
But I still love those products to this day.

Back to the event...
So after a box lunch, we started in for the afternoon session.
The lovely ladies I attended Ladies Alive with...Rita (Jody's mom), Kelly, Jody, and me :)

The day ended with Dawn Funk telling us about her story.
She is an interesting character for sure!
I swear she was wearing a prom dress.
But when you have arms like that...who cares what you wear!

My favorite part of her speech was when she put on her camo baseball hat and pulled her hair back in a ponytail.
She is tomboy through and through.
She was even rockin' cowboy boots with that dress.
She said she isn't into fashion, so her son picked out her dress for her :)

My absolute favorite part of the day was the goodies we received!
I mean, who doesn't like free stuff?
That planner is awesome!
Seriously, think Erin Condren quality, size, and style!
Love that reusable meal prep page (it is front and back!).
Hello Pockets in each section!
And tons of space for writing appointments and such!

And look at all the products we received in our Ladies Alive bags!
There is only a couple of things I have tried before, so I was super pumped about all these goodies!
I am currently enjoying that Double Chocolate AdvoBar --YUM!!!
And I have always wanted to try Clear Mood, but never ordered it.
I started taking those yesterday ;) lol!
Looking forward to trying the rest of the items too!

Want to know more about Advocare?
Check out my site here for product information or to place an order.
Or shoot me an email ( if you any questions about the products, the business, etc. :)
And click here to see if there is a Ladies Alive event in your area.

Have you heard of Advocare?
Have you ever tried the products before?


  1. What a great event, something to get you pumped up about what you do. Off to check it out!

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