Thursday, April 14, 2016

Stranded...with hair ties

So when I saw Shay and Erika were hosting a fun new link up series I couldn't help but join the fun!
However, I already had a post planned for yesterday.
Hence, the day late post.
Now that I got that out of the way :)

Today is all about items from your medicine cabinet.
While I was thinking about what I would include I became curious about what you would include!
So it kind of works out perfect that I am late to game on this post :)

Coconut Oil is amazing!
I use it!
And if I were stranded this has a million and one uses.
Seriously. Check it out.
I would personally use it for a moisturizer, toothpaste, conditioner, body wash, and lip balm.
I would even add it to my food!

While having that coconut oil is great, I do need something to actually brush my teeth with.
So my tooth brush would be joining me as well :)

Honestly, I am up in the air on this one.
I thought about bringing sunscreen so I don't get fried by the sun, but I do have that handy dandy coconut oil to soothe my sunburn.
Then I thought about deodorant/antiperspirant because nobody wants to be stinky, but then again I am on an island surrounded by water (I am assuming) so I can bathe frequently.
Finally, it hit me what I could not possibly live without.

I can't live without them now while I am sitting at my desk typing this post.
Most days my hair is tossed up in one of those bad boys the second I walk out the door of my office.
And it stays that way until I wake up the next morning.
The days I forget to have a hair tie wrapped around my wrist are some of the worst days!
I think just knowing I don't have the possibility to pull my hair back if I want to drives me nuts!
Plus, I am again assuming that the island I am stranded on is pretty warm.
Nobody wants their long hair sticking to them all day.

So there you have it!
What are 3 items from your medicine cabinet you have with you?
Answer in the comments below, or better yet blog about it :)

Link your #ThinkingOutLoudThursday post below,
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  1. Hair ties for sure- I always end up pulling my hair up by the end of the day at work, or RIGHT when I leave haha!

  2. I said toothbrush too! I didn't write a post, but I thought about it, can't be having nasty teeth haha. Not like I'd be able to hunt if I was stranded I don't know how to hunt. Yes on the hair ties as well, and bobby pins.

    liz @ j for joiner