Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites | Mommy & Me

Happy Friday!
I am happy this week is almost over.
I am even more happy to share with you some of my favorite moments of the week.
So let's get to it!

Last Thursday evening X and I attended a Mommy & Me event as his school.
Some of the class rooms were set up with different activities to do like puzzles, painting, etc.
For some reason my outgoing child always becomes severely shy and introverted at these events :(
I finally convinced him to go into the pillow making room with me since that was the "take home" item.
Man, those little pieces of fabric are hard to double knot!
I don't have giant fingers, but I swear they were cut for preschoolers hands!
Either way, we enjoyed "making" the pillow together and X couldn't wait to bring it home :)

Before we left, we stopped in the gym area and enjoyed a muffin.
When we sat down two of X's friends spotted him and they are started screaming with excitement. lol!
They were having fun high fiving each other too :)
X was elated to get his picture taken with some of his best buds :)
Funny thing is that these boys are actually in the older group of kids at X's school.
He loves playing basketball, riding bikes, being ninjas and more with them :)

Of course, getting X to take a serious picture with me after seeing his friends was not happening. lol!

Friday night was cold and rainy so we picked up some pizza and enjoyed a non eventful evening at home.

On Saturday the weather was really crazy!
Think all four seasons happening in one day crazy!
I posted a video on instagram of it snowing lightly during the afternoon.
Well, it turned into a full blown snow storm with high winds and thunder (yes, I said thunder)!
Mic and I headed out to dinner just the two of us and watched as it snowed and then the sun came out multiple times while we were in the restaurant.
However, when we left we were getting pelted in the face with snow!
On the bright side of things, this Key Lime Pie Martini I had was AMAZING!!!!
Seriously, head to Outback and order it!

Thankfully, the snowstorm was done by Sunday morning.
Good thing since I was heading up north for a baby shower.
I should have taken more pictures, but I didn't want to look like some odd ball taking a million pics with my phone.

I dropped some baby items off at my brother & SIL's house, and enjoyed lunch with them and my dad and step mom before returning home.
On my way I spotted this...
I live in OSU country, so I thought this license plate was pretty funny.

I returned home with a little belated Easter present for X from my dad.
A Cleveland Indians hat just in time for Opening Day and a baseball chocolate bunny!

On Tuesday, I linked up with Andrea to give you my version of an awesome talk show.
What do you think?
Who is your favorite guest on my list?

Watching the recap of American Idol over the years actually drew a few tears for me.
I didn't watch much over the last few years, but it is still weird to think it has ended.
Because I am writing this Thursday afternoon, I don't know who won yet...fingers crossed for Trent!
Check out some of my favorite performances over the years from AI.

Hope you all had a fantastic week & a wonderful weekend!

Linking up today with Andrea, Erika, and Narci :)


  1. Aww your son looks so happy with his Easter presents! Have a great weekend!

  2. That license fun! I wish I was creative. Happy Friday!


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