Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Style Perspectives | White Pants

I am linking up today with some of my favorite ladies!
I "met" most of them through a style challenge that Alison @ Get Your Pretty On hosted a couple years ago.
While I haven't met any of them face to face, I would definitely call them friends :)

The stylish ladies that they all are came up with a great link up called
Today the topic is...white pants!
I have a huge spot in my heart for white pants :)
They look so crisp and clean, so elegant, so summery and wintry (if those are actually words).
I just love them!

White jeans, dress pants, crops, shorts...I will wear them all!
I pair them with just about anything, but I do tend to lean towards bright colors and gingham or stripes :)
Loft Jeans

How do you wear white pants?
Or jeans?
Or shorts?

Make sure to check out how everyone styles their white pants at The Blended Blog!


  1. Love all these looks!! And loved that you linked up with us!! I remember the lobster scarf!! So cute!!

  2. AYAYAYAYYA, so glad you re-joined us. I missed seeing your fashion posts. Also, you nailed the white pants look...HOW LONG ARE YOUR LEGS??!!!

  3. Yay! So happy you joined in on the fun today! Oh love all of the looks! Okay I love, love, love the lobster cute! Every look, I want :)

  4. Love both gingham shirts paired up! Love love love! So cute!

  5. You are rocking the white pants/shorts! Thanks so much for linking up with us today!

  6. Love all these looks! But that lobster scarf and stripes take the cake. Right ahead of the orange-y gingham.

  7. You wear gingham so well and what a nautical cutie pie with that scarf!! LOVE. xo So happy you linked up with TBB!!

  8. After looking at your post here I am thinking I may need to invest in at least one gingham shirt. Wonderful looks and I am especially jealous of the fact that you are wearing sandals already. :)

  9. Hi Vsnessa, I am Ada. Found you via The Blended Blog. I am a mommy blogger too. I love finding other mommy bloggers. I love white pants too. The wide pair you own is very nice and I love both of those Springy Scarves, pretty mamma.

    I run a linkup on Thursdays I welcome you to stop by and link up. Thank you.

    Happy Spring! Ada. =)