Monday, March 14, 2016

Coffee & Cake Pops

Friday afternoon we headed north to attend a fundraiser at one of the local schools with my dad.
I can't lie, it is pretty tough supporting a school that was your arch enemy while I was in high school.
But the event itself is pretty fun.
 We didn't come away with any prizes or big winnings, but we did enjoy getting to have an evening out :)

Meanwhile, this goofball had a sleepover with my mom (his first at her house) and he loved it!
My brother even stopped by to play with him for a bit too :)

Saturday morning they took a few photos and X hammed it up for the camera. lol!
He didn't want to leave :(

On my way to pick him up I stopped to take in my hometown.
It isn't much, but it's mine :) 

Love this view!

 My step brother's son was at my dad's house when X and I returned, so they had fun dancing, singing, playing cars, etc.

We were up much later than normal on Friday night, so cake pops and Starbucks coffee were needed on the trip back home.

 With traveling so much last week for work and back home, we didn't eat very well or get to workout :(
So regardless of the time Saturday night, I knocked out a couple workouts.
I was sore later, but who cares!
It felt great to workout!

I saw this on instagram yesterday.
My thoughts exactly!

Due to springing forward and being super tired from the week, we were off all day Sunday.
Nap didn't happen until 4pm, and grocery shopping didn't happen until 6pm!
Meaning, I had a little helper with me.
Thankfully, there weren't many people at the store so we were able to snag a cookie from the bakery and check out the lobsters :)
 I never, ever see one of the small carts available, so when we came across one we grabbed it and X had so much fun pushing it around the store.
He even loaded "his" groceries on the belt at the register :)

We had a late dinner and hopped into bed quickly in hopes of being on top of things Monday morning.
Oh well!
It is a new week and I am looking forward to nicer weather and warmer temps headed our way this week :)
Happy Monday!


  1. I am so tired today! Looks like a great weekend though. Good for you for working out, I really need to workout more!

  2. X is looking so tall/grown up!! When did that happen?? I so agree with losing that hour on a Friday afternoon haha- that's a much better idea!! :)