Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Goals

Currently it is 1:40pm and am trying to drum up ideas write this post ;)
Do you ever have those days that you can come up with a million topics that you want to write about, but then when it comes to typing them out you have nothing?
I am having one of those days :(
But today I am scratching all those ideas and going with a good ole' list post!
#whenindoubt #gowithalistpost
Make smart food choices
I mentioned on here last week that I was food prepping for the 21 Day Fix.
As of today, I am on day 4 and it feels great!
I love getting back to eating smaller portions, better foods, etc.
My goal of course is to keep it up after the 21 days and throughout the summer.

Workout at least 5x's a week
I have said it a million times and I will say it a million more...I LOVE to workout!
Fitting it into my work/life schedule gets rough though.
There are usually 2 days a week that Mic works late, we aren't home, etc. that I miss getting to get a good workout in.
Otherwise I would be saying 7 days a week :)
Plus, with having a pool now I want to always feel comfortable in my bathing suit.

Get the backyard ready for summer
I haven't had a pool since I was a kid, so I am slightly giddy over the fact that we have one now.
Of course that means daydreaming of pool parties, grilling dinner by the pool, etc.
However, we have a lot of work to do before I am inviting anyone over!
We have plans to pull out all of the weeds, flowers, plants, etc and just reseed it with grass.
I would have to have someone spray for mosquito's too since we live in a damp area in the woods.

Spring clean the house
Just like the backyard, I want to get the inside of the house cleaned up.
We still have so much we haven't truly unpacked since we moved in officially in November!
I want to open the windows, let the fresh air in, and get the 40 years worth of dog hair and such out.
It wouldn't hurt if we had a company come spray for spiders, ants, bees, etc.
I am not ready for any of those little friends.
Who am I kidding, I will never be ready for them!

Do at least 1 activity with X on Spring Break
Because I work a full-time job I don't get to spend the week with X when he is on Spring Break :(
I am hoping to plan a couple activities in the evening, on the weekend, and maybe, just maybe, convince Mic to let me (or both of us) take a day off for some week day fun!

Who knows what we will do, but I just want my little guy to have the best time :)

And that my friends are my goals for the month.
I have quite a bit to get done, but hopefully with the weather slightly improving each day we can make it happen!
And if it doesn't, there is always April ;)

Ps. I have no idea why the font size is changing throughout this post or why some things are bold and others aren't.
I didn't change a thing!

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  1. Yes to all of these things! I need to Spring Clean my closet. Hoping this wearing everything in my closet thing will help with that...fingers crossed at the end I'll be able to really say, I don't like this even though I've worn it twice I need to get rid of it....

  2. I over committed to growing a garden this year and have no idea what Im doing lol.

  3. I am SO exciting to spring clean!!! i want to start now, but it will probably snow.
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