Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's Up | March

It's What's Up Wednesday Thursday!
I am linking up a day late with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer, so don't be alarmed.
#ThinkingOutLoudThursday is still happening :)

What we're eating this week
This mom/wife went to bed sick on Monday night and I just can't seem to shake it :(
So the guys are eating what ever is easy (think turkey hot dogs and chicken nuggets), while I am making the stock price of chicken noodle soup sky rocket.

What I'm reminiscing about
That Mic and I first met back in April of 2001.
We went on our first date April 19th :)
On April 2nd, 2005 we got engaged.
AND, on April 2nd, 2011 we found out I was pregnant with X!
I have never been a Spring person, but April has always been a pretty great month for us :)

What I'm loving
Lately X has been extra lovely, offering kisses and hugs for no reason at all!
It is the best!
I will take all that I can get, because I know one day that sweet little guy with be a teenager and probably won't want anything to do with me :(
He has been extra silly too :)

What we've been up to
Getting our house ready for Spring/Summer.
This past weekend we finally got our basement organized since moving in last November.

So now we are focusing on going through everything else in the house and either tossing, donating, or finding its place.

What I'm dreading
Mic just informed me that this year is the year of the 17 year locust.
I guess they decide to come out of the ground in swarms every 17 years, and this is that year.
Oh Joy!
Some of the reports he was reading state that all you hear is "crunch, crunch, crunch" under your feet as you are walking there are so many!
I am seriously creeped out!
I can't even post a pic of them I am so disgusted!

What I'm working on
Still trying to come up with a vacation spot.
We have tossed around a few ideas, but the timing just doesn't seem to be working out very well this year.
We aren't very demanding so it should be easy to plan...X wants sand, I want warm sunshine, and Mic wants anything but those things ;) lol!
Any thoughts?

What I'm excited about
That, fingers crossed, we may have found a nanny for the summer!
I was dreading the school year ending because I didn't know who was going to watch X :(
Thankfully, a good friend came through with what appears to be a rock star rec!
Hoping everything works out and X will be able to stay home during the summer.
We don't have many full year day cares around here, so we are limited on location and availability :/

What I'm watching/reading
Mic and I finally starting watching the 4th season of Vikings and it is great!
I also have been keeping up on Chrisley Knows Best, Nashville, Fixer Upper, The Voice, and American Idol.
Honestly, I gave up on those last two a couple years ago but they roped me back in.
Especially, American Idol since it is the final season.
After the last episode, my favorite is Trent on AI.
And Curly Sue, I mean Alisan is my favorite on The Voice right now :)

What I'm listening to
X and I like to dance to pretty much anything on the radio these days.
But I am really into Thomas Rhett songs lately.

And has anyone heard Nelly's version of Die a Happy Man?

What I'm wearing
When we wake up it is barely above freezing, but when we leave work some days are in the 60's!

What I'm doing this weekend
I am going to a baby shower for a friend on Sunday.
Think all things PINK!

What I'm looking forward to next month
I am attending a Ladies Alive event with some friends in Columbus,
and I have my SIL's baby shower!

What else is new
We recently changed our offices around and I am loving it!
I have my old desk in my new office, and Mic set up these GIANT dual monitors for me!
Holy smokes you all are beautiful!
Not that you weren't before, but it is amazing to truly see you all :)

Bonus Question
What is your favorite Spring cleaning tip?
Honestly, I don't have any :(
I guess, just do it!
You will be happier than if you just let it all go :)

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  1. Yay for April. I wanted to do the What's Up wednesday, but ran out of time to put it together, darn! But April 2, 2005 is when we got married! I have our wedding video highlights up on the blog today :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Seriously....I totally got way...way too excited when I saw that picture of the pregnancy test. haha

  3. Does Mic golf or anything? We always have this trouble too. I'd look at going somewhere that has a nice family resort type setting with a great pool and lazy river but would also be near some great sites for hiking or exploring. In my mind I'm thinking ARizona. :)

  4. So I always skim posts before reading the whole thing (I don't know why, I guess to look at pics first) and I initially thought you were pregnant and announcing the sex. LOL
    Now that I'm all disappointed lol
    EW locusts. I can't even comprehend. Just ew.
    YAY for a nanny, hope it works out!!
    Simply Shaunacey