Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

I have internet again!
It is crazy how much we depend on the internet to work, communicate, etc.
There were some issues in our area that started yesterday around noon and we just came back up!
So now I am playing catch up with work, blogging, etc.
Oh well!
At least it is Friday and the sun is shining :)

I exercised my right to vote in the Ohio primaries this week.
And then when I got back to work I saw this on Facebook...
 I might just have to pick up that shirt!
Friday Night Lights still is one of my very favorite shows!

Thursday was one of my favorite days of the week - St. Patrick's Day, minus the internet issue.
St. Patrick's Day meant green noodles for lunch from one of my favorite places :)

It was also the first day of March Madness!!!
My favorite time of year to watch basketball!
Who are you cheering for?

I joined some of my "friends" at The Blended Blog this week and talked about different ways to wear one of my favorite clothing items...white pants.

And one of my favorite contestants on American Idol came back last night!
I haven't watched that show in a few years, but I am having a hard time not tuning in since it is the farewell season.
So many of my favorites keep coming back each week!
Are you watching AI this season?

Looking forward to seeing some good friends this weekend, taking X on an Easter egg hunt at his school, and (hopefully) welcoming the first day of Spring with lots of sunshine!
And today at 5pm starts Spring Break for X!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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