Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Show & Tell | My Hometown

Throughout my life I have heard so many people say that they just couldn't wait to get out of <insert their hometown here>.
That drives me crazy!
I, for one, am not one of those people!
I loved the town I grew up in.
I still do!
Unfortunately, I don't live there anymore but it will always be home to me.
And my family is still there, so I get to go back quite a bit :)
My hometown is Sheffield Lake, Ohio.
That little red star might just be bigger than the actual town! lol!
    Sheffield Lake is a city in Lorain County, Ohio, United States. The population was 9,137 at the 2010 census. Wikipedia
    Area2.479 mi²
    Zip code44054
    Population9,067 (2013)
    Area code440

Did you see that area number?
My town is less than 3 miles in size!
To say everyone knew everyone is an understatement.

This is the post office where I can remember going quite often to send mail, get stamps, etc.
Because back in the stone age (80's & 90's) that is what you did ;)
The grocery store is about 1000 feet from that post office located in a now very run down shopping center.
It has changed many times over the years from Fazio's to Kroger's to Rini Rego's to Giant Eagle to (now) Apples.
The Pizza Hut & Hardee's may not be there anymore, but the Community Days Festival still lives on!
 As a kid this was seriously a week you looked forward to all summer long!
Everyone went to Community Days. EVERYONE!
Oh, and you better believe you were there every single night spending too much money on rides, games, food, etc.
When I was a kid they even had a big stage right in the middle where bands would play live music every night.
And when you ran out of tickets or money for tickets, you would typically find your parents hanging out in or near the beer booth. lol!

Community Days takes up the entire parking lot of that shopping center (at least it used to), and it was amazing!
When I say it was huge....literally people from the surrounding communities came too!
We had a parade that my softball team participated in and won best float/decorations a few times.
The high school marching band would perform.
It was just a great place (in my opinion) as a kid :)

 Something more recent that has gone on in that same parking lot is the taping of a new Nicholas Cage movie.
I have no idea who those people are with him, but they are standing right there in good ole' Sheffield Lake.
The movie is called Dog Eat Dog.

I could go on and on about the memories I have of growing up in Sheffield Lake,
but I will save those for another post sometime :)
I will leave you with the view that never gets old for me...

The best part of growing up in Sheffield Lake is Lake Erie.
While I didn't grow up in a house on the lake, it was a short WALK to the water :)

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  1. How cool! I'm just going to imagine that you grew up in a town just like Gilmore Girls and had equally fun things to do like the show :) I didn't do this one because I don't think people would be interested in my home town haha. Although I loved growing up there :)

  2. Your town looks so cute! I have never been to Ohio! So fun that your town is on Lake Erie! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Home towns are so special! I wanted to get out of mine and then I did and HAD to come back, ha! I feel so blessed raising my girls in my home town.