Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekending & A New Recipe

Happy Monday morning afternoon friends!
Today has been one of those days I hear about a lot.
I thought I was doing really well, getting up early,
got lunches ready, made coffee, etc.
I had everything in the car and ready to go well before my normal time to leave,
and I was bringing X to school this morning!

My whole way to work was great until I parked my car and realized I didn't have my computer :(
But, thankfully I was able to swing home around 10am and pick it up, so all is right with the world again.
Just a few hours behind on work, blog writing and reading, etc.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's rewind to Friday evening :)
Mic wanted to pick our Friday Night Pizza Night tradition back up.
So we went to our favorite coffee spot that also serves pizza!
I personally love the little dowtown in Bellville :)
Friday night was super weird!
There were only a few other tables of people in the place, but it took over an hour to get our food!
Thank God this mom planned ahead and brought snacks, cars, and the tablet for X!
We found out after an hour that our order never printed in the kitchen!
They thankfully gave X some orange sherbet to slightly make up for the mishap.

Saturday morning X and I enjoyed some silly selfies and cuddles while playing Lego's and watching cartoons :)

Once Mic was awake, I headed upstairs to keep my double workouts going strong and it felt great!
Selfies during workouts don't mix. lol!

The rest of the day was a blur!
We had friends stop by around 2:30 and they didn't leave until 8pm!!!!!
What do you do in that case?
How the heck do you get anything done?
Make dinner?

Sunday morning was more goofy moments with X while Mic was still asleep.
Can you tell what one of his favorite dance moves is? lol!
 Once my workouts were complete, the three of us hung out on the couch and daydreamed of turning our lack luster pool into a oasis in the woods :)

After running errands and grocery shopping I was in for the night to make dinner and hopefully relax a bit.
We had some friendly visitors right outside our kitchen windows :)

One of them was literally 3 feet from the window when I looked up, but I didn't have my camera to get a picture.

And speaking of that dinner I made...OH MY was it good!
I forgot to take a picture, but here is the one from the recipe.
I found this 21 Day Fix approved meal on Pinterest :)
Mic liked it too!
I served it with brown rice, but no cheese.
Tonight we are having the leftovers for dinner. YUM!
Try it and let me know what you think!

So how was your weekend?
Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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