Monday, March 28, 2016

Let's Talk | Moms

Happy Monday!
Linking up today with Erika & Andrea for another round of...

Today is all about Moms :)
Mine is simply the best!
End of story.
But, for your sake I will continue ;)

This is my mom.
 She truly dislikes having her picture taken, so some of the only ones I have of her I stole from her Facebook or I caught her off guard.

She is kind, thoughtful, smarter than she realizes, tough as nails,
will do anything for you, etc., etc., etc.
She is one of my best friends.
She is the women I look up to and who I try to model myself after as a mom.
And I may look like her a bit too ;)

And she became even more amazing than she already is when is became a grandma!
Seriously, X hit the jackpot with her!

I may not say it as often as I should or would like to, but you are truly a wonderful person Mom!
Thank you so much for all you do for me, X, Mic, Richie, etc.
Thank you for teaching and showing me how to be a MOM!
I love you!

Special mention goes out to my wonderful grandmas!
Thank you Grandma Schmitz for raising such a wonderful mom for me to have :)
And showing me that age is just a number.

And thank you Grandma Cook for teaching so many things as a kid.
And for raising one of my other best friends!
I wish you were here today to meet Mic and X!

And now that I have tears in my eyes, I am going to stop :)
 I can't wait to read about the amazing moms in your lives!

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  1. Awww, this is so sweet! What a great looking family you have!