Friday, March 4, 2016

Getting Things Done!

I am ready for a couple days of getting something done at home!
While I love to be on the go, every now and then I am good with staying home to get things put back in order :)

But enough of that, let's get to my favorite moments of the week!

X doesn't like to wear hats much, but when he does my heart melts!
Seeing him in them (even if it is my dad's hat that is too big) is my favorite!

My mom's birthday was on Saturday, so we headed north to celebrate with her :)
My brother happened to be at her house when we arrived and X loved getting to goof around with him.
Seeing him interact with Richie is definitely a favorite for me :)
And if you missed my Let's Talk Guys post on Tuesday, you should check it out!
And no, it isn't about X or Mic ;)

We were all starving, so we headed out for a late lunch to celebrate my mom!
X was in heaven because the restaurant was located in an old fire house!
And they gave him a fireman's hat!
Definitely a favorite moment for him!
We stopped for pie afterwards, and watching this guy eat his like it was pizza was hilarious!!
And I picked out that shirt for X just for fun since we were traveling for the day.
He of course said that exact phrase a million times on the way there and back home!

The weather was so nice on Sunday, so Mic and X headed outside to play by the creek and in the woods for bit!
Hands down X's favorite time of the day!
He calls it his woods :)

Mic had a late appointment on Wednesday night, so that meant lots of playing Lego's, cars, dinosaurs, dance parties, and some Disney Jr.
I love that X enjoys watching Sophia and doesn't deem it a girl show.
It is one of my favorite "new"cartoons :)

I showed some of my favorite Easter looks on Wednesday.
Can you believe it is only 3 weeks away?!?!
I am thinking I need these peep toe booties for sure!
Thursday was a day to get things done!
I think my post about my March Goals motivated me :)
The place my mom booked for my SIL's shower is considered a tea room, so we are running with that theme.
I found these super simple and cute invites on Zazzle and ordered them on the spot!
While pink is not a favorite of mine, I think these are perfect for the little baby girl on the way :)
Now to make the favors to match :)

I was checking out Zulily for baby gift options and look what I found...
 I have been looking for one of these chalkboard signs for while now, so when I saw it pop up on the site I jumped on it!
And X is obsessed with super hero's these days!
Batman, Superman, PJ Masks, etc.!
This plate is perfect for his Easter basket!
And it comes personalized :)
Na, na......X Man! lol!

What were your favorite moments of the week?
What are you wearing for Easter?
Do you order from Zulily?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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