Monday, November 30, 2015

Favorite Things | Stocking Stuffers

Linking up today for another round of
with Erika & Andrea :)

Today we are talking about our favorite stocking stuffers!
When it comes to stockings I am all about the items that are useful.
From growing up to now, our stockings tend to have a mixture of the following items.
Gloves are a must in Ohio during the winter months!
I like to keep a pair in every coat, so these come in handy. lol!
Nail polish is always a good choice as well!
Another stocking staple is ChapStick!
I always keep one in every purse.

Razors for girls or guys are always a great idea.

Of course kids and adults usually like seeing movies or music in their stockings as well :)

I know X would love to see coloring books and crayons in his stocking on Christmas morning.
And gift cards are always a big hit!
Especially Starbucks ones ;)

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers to give and receive?
Do you exchange stockings in your family?