Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend + A Giveaway

Hello my friends!
It's been awhile!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving break, days off, whatever you want to call it.
I loved every moment of visiting with friends and family, eating good food, etc. since Tuesday evening!

Speaking of Tuesday evening, I picked up this amazing apple donut cake for one of our desserts on Thanksgiving.
WOW! It was SO GOOD!
Most people had seconds!

After baking and running a few errands on Wednesday, we headed north to meet my mom and step dad for dinner.
Even though X was under the weather, he still was all smiles with my mom :)
 This was as good as it was going to get for a shot of him and his cheesecake.
Watery eyes, runny nose, YUCK!
But still so cute!
 We always go to a place called Blue Sky Restaurant and are never able to resist the dessert!
Of course you can only eat a few bites (unless you are Mic or my step dad) and have to box up the rest to bring home.

After dinner we headed over to my dad's house for the night and we were welcomed with these gigantic blow ups across the street.
X loved them!

 After taking a very short nap, I headed out to pick up my dad and his friend.
Every year one of their favorite bands gets together and plays the night before Thanksgiving.
(So being the wonderful daughter that I am) I pick them up so they don't have to worry about drinking and driving.
Thankfully this year they played earlier so we were home shortly after 1am.

Thursday morning came quick, but thankfully I was having a good hair day so I didn't seem to mind ;)

 X loved sitting at the kid table for Thanksgiving dinner.
And for a moment we thought he might recite his prayer by himself before dinner, but then shyness set in.

After everyone went home, and Mic and X headed back south I again tried to grab a quick nap before meeting my friend Missy at midnight for some shopping.
Here is my rough looking selfie when we were all done.
 And just because, I snapped a pic of my phone when my head was finally hitting the pillow back at my dad's house.

4 or so hours later I cleaned up, packed up, picked up my mom, and headed back south to see my boys :)
My little guy made me a "flower" out of ornaments.

My mom and I baked Christmas cookies Friday evening and most of the day Saturday.
My guys jumped in on the fun and started frosting the cut out cookies.
 X was so proud of his cookies :)
 Mic did an amazing job frosting these bad boys with a Ziploc bag!

After dinner out with my mom, we headed back home to relax for the night.
One of Mic's best friends (and X's godfather) was in town from Texas so he stopped over to visit and play with X for a bit.

Sunday was low key as always.
Grocery shopping, finish up the Christmas decor, 
 and then settled into bed with Four Christmases on the TV.
Perfect night!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, friends, and family!

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  1. What a fun, festive packed week(ish) you've been having!!!! :) That apple donut cake looks INCREDIBLE and I love the photo on your lockscreen too. Although I cannot believe you lasted until 4am haha!

  2. Wow girl! You've had a ton of fun lately! I'm sorry though, that APPLE DONUT CAKE (!!!?!?!?!?!?) looks unreal! I even stopped reading for a second and showed Caleb and I'm certain he began to drool, ha!

  3. Omg apple donut cake??!! STOP!!! That looks so good!! As does your hair! Yes, good hair days need to be documented for sure!! XOXOXO

  4. Oh my gosh, those desserts, yum! And gotta love a good hair day!