Friday, December 18, 2015

All Day Long

Hello Friends!
Part of me felt like we would never make it to Friday this week!
But, thankfully we are here and I am ready for the weekend :)

Today's favorites are all over the board, but that makes it fun right?!

This past weekend I headed north to celebrate my birthday a few days early with some of my family.
Of course my dad and I enjoyed our annual Father/Daughter Browns game, and I was able to meet this guy!
#HanfordDixon #dawgpound #diehardfanforlife

Monday afternoon I took this guy to the doctor for his 4 year checkup!
He is growing like a weed still!
And he was great during his annual flu shot :)
Later that night he wanted to pretend to go to work with Mic.
He grabbed his "puter" and headed into to Mic's office to "handle" things. lol!

Wednesday we took the day off to enjoy my birthday!
Not before hitting publish on 37 Random Things About Me!
We shopped, I got a manicure, and we enjoyed some yummy food throughout the day :)

That evening X wanted to stop at a pet shop to look at the fish.
While it isn't my favorite place to be, he lit up and made it worth the stop.

Fancy dinners are not my thing...give me Skyline Chili for my birthday every year!

We ended our evening Wednesday night with this beautiful view off of our front porch.
I love how the sun was just on top of the trees :)

Yesterday some of my favorites linked up with me to show what we received in our boxes of Cheer!
Check out what Sarah sent me here :)
She knows me so well!

Thursday morning was X's Christmas Program at school!
Oh my the cuteness was almost too much!
Don't mind the fact that my kid is one of like three that isn't dressed up.
#mommyfail #pickyourbattles

He has been singing these songs for weeks!
This particular one I had to get on video since he sings it everywhere he goes!
Pay attention towards the end where X starts trying to calm down the kid next to him.
Too funny!
And in case you don't know, X is the giant kid in the front row with the green tee on :)
They ended the program ringing bells :)

What's better than going to a preschool program?
Seeing it all over again this morning!
Since X goes to school 5 days a week, his class gets to perform both days!
Love it!
And you better believe I will be winning the battle tomorrow about what he wears!
Check out the kid on the left of X....full blown tux!!!

And that my friends has been my favorites for the week!
Thanks to all that commented with birthday wishes! I greatly appreciate it :)

Linking up for possibly the last Friday this year with the ladies below.

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