Wednesday, December 16, 2015

37 Randoms About Me

Why 37 you ask?

1. Today is my 37th Birthday!

2. I don't like Oreos unless they have the red or orange filling in them for Christmas or Halloween.

3. Walking around in bare feet completely creeps me out.

4. Pepsi over Coke all day, every day.

5. I love to bake, but typically don't eat any of it.

6. I am a coffee with my cream kind of girl.

7. In high school I picked out the names I thought I would name any future children based on my bf (at the time) and my initials.
Jacob Matthew or Jonathan Michael, and Veronica LeOta or Victoria Lynn
Of course the girls would be called Roni or Tori

8. I will always, ALWAYS dislike the Pittsburgh Steelers.

9. Grass bugs me. I don't like to sit on it, touch it, etc.

10. But, I love to mow the grass! It was my very first job :)

11. When I was pregnant with X I thought I was going to have a girl leading up to finding out he was a boy because I kept dreaming of the pink things.

12. I highly dislike the color pink!

13. I still haven't been to a Cleveland Cavaliers game since Lebron has been on the team (first time or now).

14. I rather bite off my nails than have to file them.

15. I prefer mixed drinks over beer or wine.

16. I quite possibly could survive on fresh popped popcorn for the rest of my life.

17. I am obsessed with graphic tees. Always have been.
I have drawers and containers full of them!

18. I highly dislike perfume.
I only wear body sprays that are vanilla, apple or cucumber scented.
I am a walking B&BW ad most of the time.

19. About 80% of the time I throw my hair up into a messy bun, even if I styled it that day.

20. I am a jeans, tee, and baseball hat kind of girl.

21. But the occasional dress with boots isn't too bad.

22. I will not probably won't speak to you if you are wearing a pink jersey of any kind.

23. I am coordinated when playing sports, but in every day life I am the biggest klutz!

24. Whenever "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi comes on the radio I have to belt it out!

25. When I was 8 years old my dad and I were recorded singing that song together in a karaoke booth :)

26. I have only been out west once in my life and that was to Las Vegas.

27. I procrastinate when it comes to things I am scared of doing or things I don't think I will be good at.

28. I love bowling!
I grew up bowling in leagues on Saturday mornings and even bowled in a few leagues as an adult.
I am super competitive when bowling!

29. I prefer chocolate cake over white, but don't like chocolate frosting at all.

30. I definitely have a salty tooth over a sweet tooth.

31. I prefer to text over talking on the phone.
Probably because I am stuck sitting on the phone most days at work.

32. Sorry Apple lovers, but I highly dislike my iPhone.

33. Believe it or not, I can walk out of Target with ONLY the things I need/went in for.
And under $100!

34. I don't own an iPod or Mp3 player.
I still enjoy receiving Cd's.
I'm old school. lol!

35. I would workout a good part of the day if given the opportunity.

36. Other than working out, the only way I can relax is by watching TV.
Preferably teen dramas - Pretty Little Liars :)

37. I don't like to celebrate a holiday or birthday on any other day but that day :/

Wow! That was tough!
I am giving myself the day off to go enjoy the day :)

See you back here tomorrow for



  1. Happy birthday!! Cheers to the best year ever!

  2. Happy 37th birthday my friend!!! :) So are you a Lebron hater? Is that why you haven't been to a game? Also, I could totally live on freshly popped popcorn too--- yum!!! There is nothing better haha :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Love all the random facts and PS I love Pretty Little Liars!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day, and love the 37 facts, yes to teen dramas and popcorn!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Great list! Love this idea!! I'm a pepsi girl too! And I can't shake PLL! LOL Hope your day has been fabulous!

  6. Happy Birthday!!
    Love learning some new stuff about you!!!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  7. Happiest of Birthdays Vanessa!!! I hate being barefoot and Im not sold on my iPhone either ;)

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