Thursday, December 3, 2015

My 1st Stitch Fix

So I mentioned last week sometime that I gave in and ordered my first Stitch Fix box.
I filled out a profile with my sizes, clothing preferences, the fit I like, etc.
At the very end it even gives you the option to send a note to your stylist with links to Pinterest, my blog, etc. so they can get an even better idea of my style.

My box arrived on Monday last week and I couldn't wait to get home and open it up!

Inside I found a return enevelope, a small envelope with a letter from my stylist, a price sheet for the clothing I was sent, and a style card for ideas on how to wear the items.

Of course, I jumped right into the box and read the info later. lol!
Let's pretend that I read the card and all that jazz first.
My stylist, Amanda, mentioned that she checked out my Pinterest boards and my blog and saw that I was eyeing a gorgeous orange coat.

So here is what I received all together.
Again, I apologize for the poor quality photos.
Working on figuring out where is the best spot to put my mirror still.

RD Style Annaway Cable Knit Sweater - Dark Gray $68
Kut From The Kloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans - Blue $78 (in all photos)
I loved the style of this sweater and the color.
It has a marbled look that takes me back to my youth without actually being from the 80's/90's.
Plus, it is pretty lightweight for a cable knit sweater.

The jeans seem to pretty well in the waist and the length.
I do have multiple pairs of jeans that are distressed, and a couple of boyfriend style ones as well.
While the price is more than I typically spend on jeans, I would be willing to spend a little more for a good quality pair.

Pixley Paulet Woven Back Knit Top - White $58

I loved the black and white stripes on this top and the all black back.
Unfortunately, the fit was way too boxy for my shape.

See U Soon Jeni Oversized Wool Coat - Orange Red $168
The color of this coat was spot on to what I am looking/would love to have in my closet.
Unfortunately, the color was all I liked about it.
It was more than oversized on me, and the style was not my taste.
Plus, I don't think it would work very well in the cold Ohio winter.
The price tag was a bit higher than I am normally willing to spend too.

Look by M Mateo Fringe Edge Infinity Scarf - Grey $34
I really liked the softness and color of this scarf.
And the fringe aspect just styles itself.
However, I do have two similar scarves already.

At the end of the day I sent everything back but the cable knit sweater.
I couldn't believe that it all (including that coat) fit in the return envelope!
So here is how things work....
The $20 styling fee that I paid for the box to be sent to me is a credit towards that box.
Since I kept the sweater, my $20 went towards the cost and I just paid the difference online.
I sent the rest of the items back in the return envelope within three business days.

Do I think it is worth it?
At this point it is hard to tell.
Everything Amanda picked out for me was truly a color or style that I liked.
Unfortunately, the fit just didn't seem to work for me or I had similar items already in my closet.
So, I jumped online and updated my profile and sizes and preferences for the next box.
You can choose how often you get a new box.
(Mine is set to only send one when I request it)
I picked to have another one sent immediately since I do have a birthday and Christmas coming up ;)
It is set to be delivered on the 7th, so be prepared for another review soon.

Oh, and just it case you were wondering...the box total cost was $406.00.
Had I chose to keep it all, I would have received a 25% discount.
Making the total purchase price $284.50.
I did select to receive cheaper options, and my stylist made note in her letter to me that she understood the coat was higher priced than what I selected but loved the color for me.
We shall see how the next box stacks up.

What to know more?
What to sign up for a Stitch Fix delivery?
You can even request gift cards for Christmas or birthday presents ;)

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  1. I return most of the stuff that I buy. If I don't LOVE it, I return it!Love how Stitch Fix works. If only they were in Canada.

  2. I agree with your keeps and returns. I love the idea of that oversized jacket and I adore the colour. Kinda makes me want to try one on. Hmmmm.

  3. I agree with the Keeps and returns too. That jacket would have been so cool had it been the right size, seriously that thing looked like 3 sizes too big! I have a $20 credit to stitch fix...might have to try it out one more time. The first time I did it, was a total bust and I just wasted $20, darn!

  4. I've done two fixes so far...the first had some cute stuff, but I only ended up keeping one thing. My stylist killed it with the 2nd box though and I kept everything (probably would have returned one thing...but ended up being cheaper to keep all 5). I have a bunch of credits to use...but I didnt' really want to spend the money on a maternity one so I'm holding off!

    I love the sweater you kept! And the black and white stripes...too bad it didn't have a better fit to it!

  5. Oh that scarf is adorable! I hate when something looks good but doesn't fit right, what a bummer.

  6. I love that sweater you kept! :) I guess I've never done Stitch fix because I don't tend to buy a lot of clothes anyway (unless they are on super sale) so I know seeing the price tags of those things half the time would make me sick. HOWEVER, I'm willing to spend good money on quality items!! So I'm 50/50!!