Monday, December 21, 2015

The Big Guy Came Early

Friday and most of the weekend were just great!
If you missed it on Friday, you must check out this video from X's first Christmas program.
SO stinkin' cute!

On Friday morning we attended X's second Christmas program.
This time there were tons of kids!
And even more family members there to witness the cuteness.
It was seriously standing room only!
X was once again in the front row, and yes this time he dressed a lot nicer :)
This was right when they sing "voices ringing out".
Look at all those kids!
So much different than the T-Th group!

Friday evening we headed out for a late dinner and to look at Christmas lights.
We had to make a pit stop at our office, and X always has a blast running the hallway :)
On Saturday evening we had a couple friends over to hangout and see the house.
I wiped up a quick batch of white chocolate bark and it was delicious!
We nibbled on apps and sipped on some wine :)
It was a great time!
I kept things super casual and rocked a graphic tee #myuniform
I picked up this one last week at Altar'd State and it is so soft and comfy!

Sunday was horrible honestly.
Mic and I both have flu-like symptoms that I hope pass quickly.
On the bright side, the scale has a nice number on it so maybe I won't mind these symptoms for a few more days. ;) #ikid #kindof

By that evening I could hardly move, but Santa was coming to my in-laws neighborhood so we had to get X there.
It was a really cute set up :)

We paid a small fee and gave them a wrapped gift that they delivered to the children in the neighborhood.
X loved it!

This morning I am feeling a tad better, but still not 100% :(
Thank God for short work weeks!
Only 4 more sleeps until Christmas! Eek!

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