Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Annual Scarf Exchange

Hey! I am back!
Did you miss me? ;)
After coming home from my annual scarf exchange on Friday evening I came down with some sort of sickness that took my voice and energy for the rest of the weekend!
I am still fighting some slight yuckiness, but much better than I was!
My guys came down with something similar as well, so we didn't do anything this past weekend.
Well, other than sleep, snuggle, and take medicine.
Thankfully, all three of us are on the mend and looking forward to getting through the week.

So the only I did do this weekend before getting sick was host my annual scarf exchange :)
This year was a bit different than the last couple (1st and 2nd)
The two previous exchanges I headed north and got together with some of my high school friends.
Unfortunately, they aren't scarf girls :(

Anyway, I mentioned the idea to some of my local friends and they loved it!
So begins a "new" annual scarf exchange!
They are even talking about having a ornament exchange for Christmas, and other ideas throughout the year :)

So heading into Friday night I hadn't picked out the scarf I wanted to put into the exchange yet.
See I loved them all.
Originally, I purchased one during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and thought it was the one.
Well, then I realized my scarf selection was missing a black and white option.
So I kept it. And wore it.

Then I hit up Target and gave into my weakness for all things plaid!
I mean, this is perfect for an exchange!
Who doesn't love plaid?
And the white plaid goes with so much!
In fact, it goes with so many things that I have ;)
Hmm, maybe I can keep it and just find another scarf somewhere else :)

My final stop was a local boutique that I had never made the time to check out.
Posh is super cute and carries so many things and brands I already love!
I might have found my new clothing spot :)
I went in looking for a blanket scarf, because everyone needs at least one. lol!
I found this beautiful navy, green, and red one that just screamed "wear me"!
I immediately thought of Christmas outfits that could be worn with this scarf.
Ugh! There I was again ready to purchase another scarf for myself instead of the exchange!
Forever 21 - similar

So I kept looking in the store and I found this one (similar)!
Oh my is it amazing!
For you ladies out there that have the fringe scarf from Nordstrom from a couple years ago (see below or similar),
it is like that only cuter and easier to style!
I mean literally just put it over your head and your done!
The fringe, the buttons, the mix of beige and cream!
Man I wanted it for myself!
I couldn't buy two of them.
I mean, I see these girls enough that we could easily wear this scarf at the same time.
So which one did I decide to gift in the exchange?
Keep reading or scrolling to find out!

From my experience I like to wear something neutral to the exchange so that whatever scarf I go home with matches my outfit :)
Skinny jeans, gray tee, some black booties, and my leather jacket.
100% Vanessa outfit!
Rancho Fiesta (a local favorite) was our spot for some dinner, but were greeted with a 45 minute wait :(
That just meant order a drink while you wait for your table ;)
Strawberry Daiquiri for me please!

And yes, I realize I am not in the above pic.
That is usually how the evening goes for me. lol!

Kelli was first up and received this super cute scarf!
I can't lie, kind of wanted to steal it!
It gave me a bit of a camo vibe with the colors.
Alison was next with this stripe and Aztec print mix scarf.
And then Bobbi Jo picked my bag!
After going back and forth I went with the navy plaid blanket scarf.
I just love the double pattern on it!
I sure hope she does too!
Jody thought about stealing the plaid scarf for a moment, but then opened up this Aztec print infinity scarf that is so her!
Last was me!
That is just how the numbers fell honestly.
I picked the last bag standing and it had this gorgeous paisley/tie dyed scarf.
Don't mind the horrible lighting and my awkwardness :/
We all had a great time!

On the way home a few of us drove by a local winery and figured "why not" stop in for a drink and some dessert!
Pretty much anytime there is live music I am guaranteed to have a good time :)
Again, no pic of me but my wine glass is there reprensentin' ;)
We all enjoyed the apple cider wine with brown sugar on the rim of the glass.
So good!
So was this double double chocolate cake!
I ate about half and brought the rest home to Mic.

It was a fun evening with friends and I am already looking forward to our next get together :)

Do you host or attend a scarf exchange?
Anyone interested in a blogger ornament exchange? ;)

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  1. Great pic on the double patterned plaid, I would have wanted to win that scarf!

  2. HOW FUN!!! What a great idea...and good excuse to get together with girlfriends! I hope you are feeling better! It's going around :(

  3. haha I love that you went out to find one scarf to give away and bought more for yourself. I bought my sister-in-law a blanket scarf for Christmas....and I really just want to keep it!!

    Also that cake-mmmm....I pregnancy sweet tooth is in full swing right now!!

  4. Great plaid picks! I have one dark blanket plaid scarf but really wouldnt mind adding another one lol. Thats the thing with scarves, theres always more to want.

  5. LOVE the idea of a scarf exchange! so much fun!
    I love that black and white plaid, beautiful!

  6. What a fun evening! Sorry you got the crud! Hope you and your fam are feeling better!

  7. Awesome scarves...Love scarf exchanges!! What a fun night!! I'd be in for a blogger ornament exchange!

  8. So many cute scarves- I love everyone's! :) Hope you feel better soon!!