Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The last....

Stealing the idea from Sarah, and just about everyone else out there in blog land :)

The Last

Person I texted - My friend Missy.
We go Black Friday shopping together and we need to figure out where we are going this year.
Throwing it back to early 2001 here! lol!

Movie I watched - Inside Out
I rarely watch movies (I can't sit still that long), but on Friday night X really wanted to watch his new movie so we made it a Family Movie Night :)
It was so cute and was only about an hour and a half.
Perfect for me!

Person I talked to on the phone - Other than Mic (we work together), 
the UPS customer service guy so I could arrange to pick up a package instaed of having it delivered.

The last package to arrive - I ordered the embroided dinosaur shirt for X's birthday party and it arrived in the mail on Saturday.
I love it!
Holding off showing it to him until the party or he will want to wear it every day! lol!

Outfit I wore - Time Warner was down at work, meaning no phones or internet.
So I had went home, changed, and started working from there when Mic called me to tell me things were back up and running and I could come back to work.
So I came back in this...

Thing I cooked - I made kaluska for dinner on Monday night and it was so good!
It is just cabbage and noodles, but after the initial cooking of each item I throw them in a bigger frying pan to crisp it up a bit.
Not the best for you, but OH MY WORD is it yummy!

Thing I ate - Does a cough drop count?
Halls Strawberry are my favorite :)

Show I watched - Are there other channels besides Disney and Nick Jr? Just kidding!
Supergirl :)
Is anyone else watching this show?
Mic thinks it is stupid, but I really enjoy it.
Maybe it is because I like all the people in it :)

Game I played on my phone - I have 0 games on my phone, so nothing to play.
Honestly, I take too many pictures with my phone to have a game hogging up all that space.

What is the last show you watched?
How about the last thing you ate?

And today is the last day to sign up for the Christmas Cheer Box Swap!


  1. I want to see Inside Out! Annabelle is loving 'real movies' lately so maybe this is one I can get her to half sit through

  2. Is it a surprise we've been watching Supergirl too? ;) So I think she's only ok but I do like the supporting cast and was super happy to see Jenna Dewan Tatum on it, even if its a small role. On a high note, Heros Reborn is getting really good and its the fall finale this week, why?!